21 August 2006

With Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht gone, will Dunn's buddy Peter Heed take the helm to prosecute me?

Okay. With Chief Dunn out of the picture, and with Prosecutor Albrecht out of the picture, will former Prosecutor Peter Heed take the helm to prosecute me now? The Keene Sentinel reports that Bill Albrecht's self-inflicted withdrawal from the election "remains a mystery," and notes that many want Peter Heed to return to the post. Albrecht actually withdrew after the election filing deadline! My trial, BTW was scheduled for election day, 12 Sept. 2006. Scans forthcoming.

Albrecht refused to comment, but did cite job stress as a factor. Excuse me, but job stress in that position? He wouldn't have made it a day in the 5 Burroughs. How do you spell stress? N-I-G-G-E-R.
In the alternative, N-I-G-G-E-R-on-the-W-E-B.

Watch Albrecht try to shut my highfalutin' black ass down in "Oreo," now showing at KingCast.net.

Here's Prosecutor Albrecht and the appearance of impropriety.

Any way, Attorney Heed is a good buddy of Chief Dunn's as seen in this picture (Marty left, Peter, right) from the post where I note all the lies that the NH AG's office has been involved in to try to screw me, and how they blew off my second complaint against Chief Dunn for violating Rule 98. Of course such a close association might lead me to file a Motion to have him removed. Interestingly, Chief Dunn tried to make a Big Deal out of me -- as a subordinate -- giving a Caucasian female manager what she wanted in the privacy of her office while I was a good Worker Bee -- but Peter Heed can't dare go there with me because he left office over a damn sex scandal where he was the manager groping a subordinate in public, also as noted in the above post. FWIW, I have agreed with Attorney Heed on Education (as noted in the related post, below) and think they made him a patsy -- same way they tried to do to me in this case.

My Brother KBCraig at NH Underground ummm... points out... what an oxymoronic name.

Note: I have never seen so many AG's in one dangerous place at one time: I'm a former AAG (but just a nigger in NH); Heed is a former AG; and Judge Arnold is a former AG. They've been trying to pull rank on me for quite some time now, but as my attorney -- former Hillsborough lead prosecutor David A. Horan points out -- it's well past time for this case to be dismissed.

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