22 August 2006

NH Indy Media and Anti-Defamation League question Jaffrey "Live Free or Die" rally as racist.

The Anti-Defamation League concern is noted in an interesting thread involving Jaffrey citizen Dick Olson, and developing over at NH Indy Media involving Saturday's upcoming "Live free or Die" Rally. Yesterday on NH Indy Media I posted about former Cheshire County Prosecutor and (soon-to-be former) Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn (pictured perhaps in parody but not in my opinion) running from the bogus trial against me and leaving the bus unmanned.

Mr. Olson is a major supporter of Chief Dunn, who as anyone can see, lied about me (again) in this post, claiming I was escorted from American Tower Corporation by the police. Perhaps for his part in supporting Dunn, voters showed Mr. Olson the door as selectman.

Here are two posts, one from me and one from Badcopnews, quoting other black people about their experience in Jaffrey because of Chief Dunn. Mine quotes Renaissance Room owner Bill Perry, who hosted a forum, "Black in a white town." Says Mr. Perry:
"But the police force in Jaffrey has not been as friendly. In Jaffrey, I’ve been stopped four times. I finally said you know, I don’t fit the profile of Jaffrey Center and I am being hassled by these people."
Eat your heart out, Chief Dunn. I hate everything you stand for. Cracker. I'll tell it to a Jury and I'll tell it to a Judge; Bull Connor's got nothing on you:


In my response to the NH Indy Media post, I cited an earlier Indy Media post, "13 Reasons to Celebrate Black History Month in NH," in which someone responded as follows:
"Thanks, Chris. This is an amazing story and I'm still following it. I can't say I'm too surprised that this happened in Jaffrey. I grew up in the neighboring town and always heard from friends that the cops there are fucking crazy. Guess this proves that they are racist to boot. Wonderful waste of space the lot of them are."
You can live free in Jaffrey as long as you don't question authoritaaaay. You bet I'm sending this post to the ADL because I am sick and tired of the bullshit coming out of that town -- especially as I'm friends with previous Police Chief Phillip's former Daughter-in-Law.

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Christopher King said...

Email to Manchester Black Caucus:

"And when you click on the NH Indy Media Story, you discover that Chief Dunn's staunchest supporter, Dick Olson, is the leader of this posse, but that's who the Nashua NAACP chose to support against me.

Now you understand why I am so livid?