20 August 2006

KingCast welcomes new Manchester, NH NAACP branch!

I've met some of the Principals and think they -- and the Manchester Black Caucus -- will do a much better job standing up for a progressive agenda than these/clowns in Nashua, what with Nashua President Timmons repeatedly lying Under Oath.

And then, while at Big Toy consignment -- directly across the street from Alpha Title Company I named and opened, and also across the street from Sarah's place and Under Oath liarhead Gloria Timmons' place (how about all that for a coincidence) -- I met UNH Multicultural affairs director Sean McGhee's nephew Brian; I was performing ghetto-riffic fusebox tricks on the Yamaha and he was riding a Kawasaki ZX-6. Nice kid. Said he feels racism in NH, so I told him I would send him and his uncle a copy of this post about NH's anti-nigga' machine as noted at items a through d inclusive, and inform them of Justiceforkids.net and KingCast.net.

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