04 August 2006

KingCast presents: The Yamaha FZ750, a/k/a "The Clydesdale."

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved everything about motorcyles, and I love reading what other people say about what I have/owned, or wanted to own. Here then, are some current/statements about the old bird underneath the back porch, the bike with a killer engine, shown here on a closed track -- that revolutionized sport motorcycles when I was in undergrad.

Hell, even the NAACP supports black bikers, right?

PS: Forgot about the Interceptor, probably because that was a painful time in my life -- but not as painful as it was for black daycare provider Margaret Belcher.


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to understand your history, what you've experienced...but I can't seem to put things together. Can you put together like a Chris King primer or something? It would be seriously helpful.

Christopher King said...

Hell I've been trying to figure that out as well =^.)

Seriously, however -- in approximate order (and I'll actually issue a blawg entry on this in the next day or so):

You start with these three strong black women -- my father will appear in a bit -- the NAACP tried to fuck him, too.

Mother Ann, my Great-Great Aunt to whom this whole blawg, upcoming book and whatever else I do in law -- is dedicated.




My youngest sister (there were three, two remain) with whom I stayed for part of this ugly endeavor.



The best primer is actually the movie sequence "American Lawyer 1-2-3" at:


...showing how we arrived in Cleveland Heights in 1970 as the only black family for miles and miles.....

And also the movie "Then and now" showing at:


Then there are the following posts; take your time:

"40-Up: Where are they now" blawg entry:


Then the "Curriculum Vitae" blog has my resume on it,


Then this is (ostensibly at least) the Columbus Case that they seized my license over -- seized allegedly for a year but they hit me with so many fines as to make re-rentry prohibitive.


This is really why they came after me in Columbus:


Then this is what I did in telecommunications between 1999-2002:


This entry has my letter to American Tower Chairman Dodge on it, which occurred in 2002:


As a result of all the bullshit at American Tower I went to the NAACP for help. Despite Boston City Council staff writing press releases, etc. that resulted in front page news stories:


.....NAACP didn't even show up to court to support me. There is an extensive description of the situation here, and how NAACP failed to address spoliation of evidence issues that were occasioned by American Tower's lawyer -- the one and only former Mass Bar Ass'n President Richard C. Van Nostrand.


Even though my lawyer, the well-respected Scott A. Lathrop, Esq. and I issued demand for sanctions and default judgment over these critical emails, American Tower got away with bloody murder:


.....and NAACP did nothing except refer me to Nashua Office to volunteer, which as we all know - I did.


NAACP also ignored the fact that well-respected Civil Rights lawyer and tenured law professor Louis A. Jacobs wrote that "racism, ignorance and reactionary politics" played a role in my suspension.


Those bastards instead used my suspension against me and tried to get a restraining order against me as noted at:

http://KingCast.net's "Day in Nashua" and at this post describing the 7 attempts to shut down my 1st Amendment Page:


And the rest, approaching Jaffrey, is history.... almost.

This post shows the police reports that led me to issue the Demand Letter:


Based on prior experiences I've had as a law enforcement attorney (Ohio AG's office, private clerking and private practice, as noted here:


This post shows how the trial came to a grinding halt on trial day with the disengenuous machinations of Prosecutor Bill Albrecht:


And this post shows how Chief Dunn screwed Bill Albrecht by lying about the contents of the Deposition I took of him in the Civil case as well as how they tried to arrest my black ass twice on so-called "bail revocations." Wait until you see how they tried that, using as a predicate materials that were not even sent to my home.


And this post shows why the prosecution was flawed, ab initio because of the legal precepts established in NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963)


....with a law review style post including a draft motion to dismiss the criminal complaints.


And this post links with "Return to Normalcy #1" to ask when, where and how we can all get on with our lives.



Of course I try to seek the same relief for my father, and wrote a successful appellate brief for him that allowed him to reopen his employment case after an NAACP referral lawyer took his money and sold him out. Then the Northeast NAACP tried to jump my bones because I dared to right a letter on his behalf, even though I did nothing wrong in so doing -- just asking Ohio to seek a new referral attorney for him. Of course they would have had to admit that his first referral attorney fucked him, and that's verboten. He was a 38-year employee of the former Diamond Shamrock so I am a military brat of sorts, I guess!

Anyway, with my Dad arguing his case, we beat Peter Kirsanow -- yes THAT Peter Kirsanow -- and his firm. See the entry right here.



My life is the story of a guy who works hard, but just won't back down from unlawful situations. It certainly doesn't make life easy, but it does have its rewards.

My writer is nearing completion of the manuscript,


.....and it will be a trip because the book will of course reference the blawg and videopodcast site (KingCast.net) as a multimedia endeavor like no lawyer story the World has ever seen.

Many hope they never see it again.

Christopher King said...

To shorten the American Tower story, you can cop a feel for what's real through movies "American Lawyer #2-3" at:


And in these two blawg entries: