14 August 2006

KingCast presents: Molly Shannon in the house!

She's workin' it good this year: First we saw her as a soccer mom on a wild ride in the Wayans' slapstick "Little Man," as noted in this post about Tom Cole, Hawken '81 (RIP), and now we see her playin' a scandalous, randy and lushed-out NASCAR team owner's wife in this weekend's #1 show: "Talladega Nights." If she ever shows up at a reunion party I'll risk the slap in the face from congratulating her on those method acting skills!

IMHO none of it makes me laugh any harder than the sillyness involved in the back row of our English class 23 years ago involving teacher James A. Snavely: Telling us about gerunds is what he attempted to do -- a great idea -- but somehow we found every opportunity to poke fun at his deviated septum. Between what you've seen of Molly (who's in a bunch more movies this year,) add a dash of what you see on this blawg and a handful of other obnoxious teenagers and you can pretty much imagine how that went =^.)

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Christopher King said...

PS: On the drive-in doubleheader, I actually tought You, Me and Dupree was funnier. Maybe because Matt Dillon cracks me up when I think about all the crazy-assed movies he's been in, Kate Hudson is every bit as cute as her mother was, and her pratfall reminds me of her, actually.

And Owen Wilson is a great modern-day Spiccoli.

A funny (to me, anyway) and unexpected visual was a bumper sticker on the car of some librian Dupree was shaggin' that spoofed Mountain Dew. It read:

Do the Dewey.

Guess you had to work at a library as a kid to laugh at that one :)