07 August 2006

KingCast issues press release on ridiculous Jaffrey Chief Dunn/NAACP case.

Regarding his recent post containing a letter from his lawyer, former Hillsborough Lead Prosecutor David Horan, to Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht that offered to continue the case for a year with no finding of guilt, KingCast said:

"This case represents the epitome of governmental abuse," said Attorney King in today's email press release. "From the two attempts to revoke my bail and lock me up to the day that Prosecutor Albrecht duped me by amending to misdemeanor charges on trial day -- while adding a different charge not contemplated by the Grand Jury -- I'm appalled as a former Assistant Attorney General myself."
Attorney King claims that he has job opportunities in the legal field but that the State is now exercising the last power it has over him to keep this case hanging out there -- along with a bogus Unlicensed Practice of Law case brought by Kelly Ayotte's office -- to unlawfully restrict his right to earn a living.

"Obviously I do great things as a law clerk (ironically with former Jaffrey Chief's daughter-in-law) or in the private sector....." he continued.

"Hell, in a minute, I'm going to sue all of them, pursuant to NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963)" he said. "They've got no case, and never had any case. Enough is enough."

PS: Yes, Attorney King feels that as a former AAG himself (4th paragraph), he has license to call another AG's office "crooked-assed," as noted in the "private sector" link, supra -- even as he never has lost sight of the fact that His Honor, Judge John P. Arnold, is of course the former New Hampshire Attorney General.

Nor does it phase Attorney King that the NAACP is full of liars like Nashua President Gloria Timmons, or that Charlie Bauer and Maria Proulx, Esq. refuse to shake his hand. Watch Bauer fail to do so at 5:12 into this video, while we observe what BadCopNews says about Jaffrey Chief Dunn here.

KingCast.net: The name of the blawg is the name of the game, and Truth is all he knows. That's why he won the Contemporary Nobel Peace Prize!

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