27 August 2006

KingCast and Keene Sentinel demand reasons for Prosecutor Albrecht's paid resignation.

The 23 August 2006 Keene Sentinel editorial notes that because of Prosecutor Bill Albrecht's hasty paid leave, now taxpayers are paying for two prosecutors while receiving only the service of one. I just want to know why he was such a prick to me, ignoring several nice letters I sent him as reproduced herein, twice trying to revoke bail and lock me up using Charlie Bauer's deficient notice of service not even sent to my address, trying to dupe me on trial day, and trying to shut down my websites, as seen in "Oreo," at KingCast.net.

The editorial, BTW supports my contention about Albrecht in this 21 August post, in which I discuss him getting unanimously dissed by the commissioners. That's 'cos I'm one smart jigga'!

And if we actually go to trial -- as Albrecht also denied our reasonable plea offer -- wait until I unleash what I've got on NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon and his band of merry pranksters.
Hint: Some consider it worse than NAACP Legal Defense Counsel Elaine R. Jones' ethical violations that immediately precipitated her resignation. These people teamed with WMUR and started a very public malignment of my character using copyrighted images from my own website, and NAACP Nashua President Timmmons threatened I would get "run over" out there. I haven't seen a Mercedes Unimog in her driveway yet, so I'll stay the course.

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Christopher King said...

Of course all of this crap -- Chief Dunn and Bill Albrecht's resignations:


and the national spotlight brought on Jaffrey from the Anti-Defamation League as well as the history of black men questioning Jaffrey and Chief Dunn:



Perhaps I will talk to Miss Pat -- my niece's last nanny -- and have her release the West Indian curse she put on them a year ago.

And what is so disturbing about all of this is of course the fact that none of this was necessary. I never had anything against Jaffrey per se, and to this day remain good friends with the former daughter-in-law of previous police chief Gary Phillips: