03 August 2006

KingCast again asks Can Jaffrey, NH return to normalcy without Chief Dunn?

You can't say we haven't tried to resolve this ridiculous case, in which they twice tried to revoke my bail -- using a "Notice of Appearance" by Chief Dunn's lawyer Charlie Bauer that wasn't even sent to my address. This really and truly should be the end of the story. Given NAACP v. Button, they really should be glad to get away without paying me for Defamation or First Amendment Retaliation -- all because Superior Court Judge Robert Lynn "doesn't care if what I say is true or not," just as he didn't care that I was temporarily indigent (actually he was quite happy) when he threw my Civil Case out because I couldn't afford Chief Dunn's Deposition at the time: On review of said Deposition, we now know that his misrepresentations regarding same constituted the final dagger right through the birdlike heart of that sad old albatross.

Watch Judge Lynn and listen to his nasty attitude toward me and this blawg and my First Amendment Rights in the video "Then and Now," playing at Justiceforkids.net.

Here's the kicker: We sent that letter before we even knew about Chief Dunn's extended "medical leave." Query, how will that look now, Bill -- you bring in Chief Dunn as your prosecuting witness and he doesn't even work there anymore and can't find a goddamn job anywhere else. BTW as far as I go, I am happily-employed now and very well-respected (read comments here) now that I'm somewhat free from Chief Dunn's bullshit. I'll have to climb in the company, but this is a great company in which to climb.

This is normalcy #1.

PS: Badcopnews.com offers the following observation.

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