06 August 2006

Chris King asks: "Is Floyd Landis really guilty?"

No, not THAT Chris King, just lil' ole me. How could 4 times the normal amount of testosterone arrive in Mr. Landis' urine samples? George Vecsey's compelling NYTimes editorial raises a disconcerting question, as he asks whether anybody can win the Tour de France on mineral water -- Lance Armstrong's chain of negative test results notwithstanding. It's gotta make you wonder, these guys riding a race like that. In top shape, I ride 25 (off-road) miles in one day and I'm feeling the pain. Did Landis do it? Are they all doing it? Are some slicker than others? Jeezlouise.

With all of these problems, it unfortunately appears that the popularity of road cycling -- just like the career of soon-to-be former Jaffrey, NH Chief Martin Dunn, and hopefully that of U.S. Congressional candidate Mary Jo Kilroy, Esq. (Ohio D-15) -- is indeed headed straight downhill.


plez... said...

I'm not going to say whether it is right or wrong, but to paraphrase a friend of mine: it's only cheating when you get caught!

I doubt there is nary a world-class athlete (barring Tiger Woods and his greens-walking golf buddies) that does not knowing (or unwittingly) take some type of performance enhancing substance. The human body was not made to carry 300 lbs. of muscle like an offensive lineman in football, or sprain an ankle and be able to run full speed in less than 24 hours, or slam dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim from a flat footed stance, or hit a baseball 450 feet, or run 100 yards in less than 10 seconds, or ride a bicycle for 2 straight weeks, or... well, I think you get the idea! A world-class training regimen (and diet) will only take you so far, the need to have an edge on your competition requires some additional chemicals to go along with your superior DNA!

It's just those pencil-necked geeks in the media who keep this "keep the game clean" mantra alive, any professional athlete will tell you (away from the microphones) that EVERYONE does something (green pills, brown pills, muscle creams, creatin, andro, HGH, etc.)!!! I'm more than convinced that Floyd Landis (with alittle help from his trainers) was the only one in the Tour de France who screwed up his doping schedule, thus testing positive for synthetic testosterone. Too bad, so sad! Part of the race is knowing when to put away the needle!

Christopher King said...

Well there you go, bro'.

And here you see the deleterious effects of my Stella Artois doping schedule on my Pittsburgh front yard descent. Arms shaky, vision blurry.....

Anonymous said...


I had the pleasure of covering a couple big cycling races in Southern California. And while I found just about all the cyclists to be great and interesting people (Genevieve Jeanson was a bit cold), doping was always something that was right under the surface.

The other thing very noticable is that these guys have a lot to lose. A lot. The top guys get paid well, and have very little to fall back on if they drop from the top. Only the best get that kind of bank.

If he did nothing wrong this Tour de France, I would find it almost impossible to believe that Landis has never cheated. Can he be better than others who cheat? Could Lance Armstrong for that matter.

Maybe, our future lies in having dual events for many sports, the doped and non-doped Tour de France, or Super Bowl, or Olympics.



Christopher King said...

Wow, that would really be wild, for individual sports at least. It wouldn't translate well to team sports, but I could almost envision a doped and non-doped category for individual sports.

If it were swimming, the dopers would have an aklet or something (after all, the added resistance is readily overcome)....

But the testing nightmare that creates is largely prohibitive.....

Time for bed.

Is my dope of choice (yerba mate) going to be banned next?

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

According to new government intel, not only is the Tour de Farce fiasco the result of an Al-Qaida plot, so was the Bonds & Rose scandals and JJ's wardrobe malfunction. Sean Kelly's poem tells all at http://richardquick.blogspot.com/2006/08/tour-de-america-tribute-to-patriot.html


Richard Quick, Esq.

Christopher King said...

You know, I was just gonna' say that!

Better watch out with that acerbic wit though, or else the alien and sedition folks will find themselves at your front door =^.)


Anonymous said...

A running roundup of news/comment about landis is on http://trustbut.blogspot.com