23 August 2006

Chief Dunn and dismissed Selectman Dick Olson bring shame and wrath of ADL to Jaffrey, NH.

As noted in the Anti-Defamation League website, the NH Indy Media website as well as my blawg entry yesterday, we've got some serious issues to deal with in Jaffrey.

As noted in my entry, here's what a professional and well-accomplished black man, Renaissance Room owner Bill Perry, who hosted a forum, "Black in a white town" said:
"But the police force in Jaffrey has not been as friendly. In Jaffrey, I’ve been stopped four times. I finally said you know, I don’t fit the profile of Jaffrey Center and I am being hassled by these people."
Eat your heart out, Chief Dunn. I hate everything you stand for. Cracker. I'll tell it to a Jury and I'll tell it to a Judge; Bull Connor's got nothing on you:

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