11 August 2006

Aaron Deboisbriand Jury acquitted in less than an hour.

Verdicts.... in about an hour! I told you about Jaffrey Chief Dunn's bullshit case against Aaron 2 days ago after his father wrote in to me here (PG-13 rated). See, the same damn thing would have happened in my case, that's why Prosecutor Albrecht tripped me on on Trial Day to unlawfully get rid of the Jury.

Chief Dunn did not testify because as we know, he is on indefinite medical leave while we wait to see if Jaffrey can return to normalcy without his pondering, hateful ass. Query, do they expect him to testify at my trial on 12 September or what?

Read my blawg entry describing it here, and the NH Indy Media story here.

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Christopher King said...

I love this quote from the prosecutor:

“You never can know for sure why a jury decides the way it does,” he said. In this case “maybe they decided to believe the defendant over Officer Choate or it’s possible they didn’t want to convict such a young man over what is apparently such a benign act.”

That is precisely why Bill Albrecht did what he did to me and my attorney, former Hillborough County lead prosecutor David A. Horan. Read the syllabus: