31 August 2006

KingCast makes it clear: The Jaffrey/Dunn/Albrecht/King bogus "extortion" case is all Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons' fault.

As noted in this post and this one, if Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons (and her sidekick flunky Veep Melanie Levesque) had never lied to Chief Dunn by telling him that the NAACP does not sue, or threaten to sue on individual cases of police abuse, former Cheshire County Prosecutor Albrecht never could have obtained or maintained an indictment and none of us would have suffered the way we have over the past twenty-one (21) months. American Tower's lies that affected this case did not help, and that is the sole reason they reappeared on this blawg, to clear my name, pursuant to U.S. v. Carmichael, 326 F.Supp.2d 1267 (M.D.Ala. 2004) explained here. BTW I defeated American Tower and their high-priced lawyers on that issue and the posts they tricked blogger into removing were restored.

Notwithstanding that I'll take this time to issue many thanks to my team, the lovely ladies who brighten my day and other supporters.

KingCast and Justiceforkids: Trying to end government and NAACP-imposed suffering. Because even if we conclude matters at the final pretrial tomorrow, NAACP is still making other hard-working former volunteers and employees suffer. More on this later.

KingCast presents: Former Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht and Nashua NH NAACP President Gloria Timmons are liars, liars pants on fire.

Just look at all the lies in this post, most significantly the one that Judge Arnold at one point accepted as gospel:
"King wrote the Demand Letter without any Good Faith belief that the NAACP as an entity, would sue."

That statement is the only glue that held the case together against me but this post alone -- quoting Philadelphia NAACP President Jerry Mondesier proves that Albrecht should have been SANCTIONED for even saying that. Not to mention the fact that pursuant to NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963), I drafted a Demand Letter and shopped the case to several attorneys who for political, monetary or area-of-practice reasons declined to accept. That does not a crime, or criminal make and in fact Button (law review piece here) discusses the relative dearth of lawyers who will seriously try Civil Rights cases. The government beats you down when you press them too hard as I know from personal experience doing it as a former Assistant Attorney General (paras 4-6.) and subsequently receiving it as a Civil Rights lawyer (case histories).

Anyway, I contacted Attorney Andrea Amodeo-Vickery (read her notes here), Winer & Bennett's Gary Braun, Attorney Dawn Caradonna and -- ironically -- or perhaps not -- the man who would become Chief Dunn's suspension attorney: NH Superlawyer Andru/Volinsky.

But with people like soon-to-be former Jaffrey Police Chief Martin Dunn, Albrecht and Timmons running amok, the Truth never matters. Frankly it's that way throughout the entire country, as NH Superior Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn, a Columbus plainclothes police officer and I show you in this Justiceforkids video compiled between Ohio and New Hampshire -- two of the most pivotal Presidential campaign states in the Union -- over the past 8 years. And as I have shown you in this post by example of Columbus School Board lawyers Cooper & Gentile, as well as Luis Alcalde and Keith Golden in Ohio, those in power have the right to abuse such power without consequence. Sadly, in this case it was Nashua NAACP President "Hide-my-face" Gloria Timmons who told Albrecht those lies in the first place, giving him the fuel to feed this forest fire that has now engulfed all of us in a trail of flames that I, as Abednego, am left to negotiate. What an Uncle Tom sellout she is, calling white folks in NH crackers from the sanctity of her office one day and sleeping with them the next.

I will leave Albrecht alone but torture her with video for the rest of her life. Next year by this time every law student and every NAACP member in the country will see how she misguided Attorney Albrecht and Judge Arnold, and raped the cause of Justice -- Chief Dunn admitted she nor anyone else at the NAACP other than me ever even asked to see the police report regarding Willie Toney's original abuse claim! Gloria, don't you EVER threaten to run me over again because I will smoke your ass, just as I did in the "Day in Nashua" video running at KingCast.

KingCast and Justiceforkids: Striving to Balance.

30 August 2006

KingCast presents: Final Pretrial (#3 pt. II)....Faces of Pain.

Soon-to-be former Jaffrey NH police chief Martin J. Dunn's personal vendetta case aginst me was continued from yesterday to Friday, 1 Sep. 2006. Former Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht -- now on what a Keene Sentinel editorial and other article deems a mysterious leave of absence -- does not look as good as he once did, before he started this case, and Marty looks like death-on-a-stick:
And as for Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons, she doesn't want you to know exactly how she looks.... so we'll oblige her -- at least or now, but you can get a glimpse of her trying to look all proud and trash-talking all over me at the beginning of "Day in Nashua" showing at KingCast.net. She lost that case, which was a victory for the First Amendment and KingCast, as the Court of course duly noted at pages 4 and 5 of its decision. Me? I look Pretty Good for all I've been through. I might be tired, but I'm essentially indefatigable.

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28 August 2006

KingCast presents: It's the hex, dude.

Dear Gloria and Prosecutor Albrecht: First y'all look so good together, now you look less than that. Why? See, my nieces' West Indian nanny watched me in my 2 year long struggle with you haters, then took and put a hex on your asses; that's why you're all fucked-up now and I am in control -- with enough media to last a lifetime. And your childrens' lifetimes, too. You want me to call it off? I'll think about it. You made me suffer for the past 2 years, so I'm in no fucking hurry, you got that? Fuck you.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Down for the cause, without a pause.

KingCast presents: Final Pretrial (#3)....

Will Union Leader reporter Nik Coates and I have a chat? Will I divulge what I know about NAACP National office and other Legal Redress lies? Will Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons show up but subsequently hide her face for the embarrassing lies she told on me, including that Chief Dunn had filed suit against NAACP, or that NAACP does not threaten to sue, or that she's got a sworn affidavit from Nashua Legal Redress Chair Cleaven Ferguson, or that she didn't tell Willie Toney that real lawyers only sue for millions, or....

....I guess what they need to ask is now that they started this smear campaign against me with WMUR in complicity, how will they feel when its over and I get a real job at a law firm (you'ld be amazed the support I've received because of this blawg) then what? I'll have enough money to do an all-out media assault at my whimsy if I feel like it. And to think, before he and Prosecutor Albrecht both abruptly resigned, Chief Dunn said my "plan" (see NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963) to help Willie Toney "backfired."
Yeah, well backfire this, you cracker:

Like a good Spiderman or Batman TV show from the early 70's, KingCast and Justiceforkids encourage you to stay tuned for the chilling conclusion.....

27 August 2006

KingCast sings an oldie: "Calling Gloria!"

Here's a 1980's trip down memory lane with
Laura Brannigan (RIP):
Gloria, Gloria.... I think you've got to slow down before you start to blow it....I think you're headed for a breakdown, so be careful not to show it...calling Gloria....
But seriously folks, I would hide my face if my mugshot looked like that, too. Not to mention if I told lies like this and this as well.
And as usual, NAACP lawyer Maria Proulx hides behind her comely Cousin-It 'do. I wear substantially less hair, but I have no aversion to the camera because I'm not a stinking liarhead.

But I'll say this in defense of Gloria: She learns well, because after showing her mug and engaging in a bit of shit-talking Back in the Day (2005) -- in the KingCast premiere of "Day in Nashua" -- she ended up getting her ass handed to her as she tried to shut down my websites. Pshaw.

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KingCast, Blacks, Daily Kos and Case Western Law Grads know Diebold and Ken Blackwell are No Good.

Just ask 1993 CWRU Law Grad Lara Johnson about that brief we wrote as classmates back in 1991 I believe, relative to Allen v. Diebold, 807 F. Supp 1308, as reflected in this post. You see, Diebold is the maker of machines that are, along with Blackwell, now subject to qui tam litigation because they were designed to condone disfranchisement of voters at will (see also Daily Kos stories 1, 2 and 3). In 1991 they had just pulled out of Ohio and left a lot of older, capable employees high and dry in violation of ADEA principles. And ultimately a symPATHETIC court allowed them to get away with it despite the best efforts and formidable skill set of Friedman-Domiano's staff counsel, Ms. Johnson and me, IIRC.

Yet this is the precisely the kind of company in which Goober-natorial candidate Ken Blackwell invested his money, and from which he received a $10,000.00 contribution. Add that to Blackwell's association with Scott Pullins as noted in this "Blacks against Blackwell" post, and I'd say he's living pretty foul -- as he has since before I even met him back in 1988.

Remember: At all relevant points in time, Blackwell held the juxtaposed responsibilities of being Bush/Chaney co-chair and federal elections tzar..... a fact that really should induce vomiting.

KingCast and Justiceforkids: Videos hated by bad judges and politicians everywhere. Wouldn't have it any other way.

KingCast and Keene Sentinel demand reasons for Prosecutor Albrecht's paid resignation.

The 23 August 2006 Keene Sentinel editorial notes that because of Prosecutor Bill Albrecht's hasty paid leave, now taxpayers are paying for two prosecutors while receiving only the service of one. I just want to know why he was such a prick to me, ignoring several nice letters I sent him as reproduced herein, twice trying to revoke bail and lock me up using Charlie Bauer's deficient notice of service not even sent to my address, trying to dupe me on trial day, and trying to shut down my websites, as seen in "Oreo," at KingCast.net.

The editorial, BTW supports my contention about Albrecht in this 21 August post, in which I discuss him getting unanimously dissed by the commissioners. That's 'cos I'm one smart jigga'!

And if we actually go to trial -- as Albrecht also denied our reasonable plea offer -- wait until I unleash what I've got on NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon and his band of merry pranksters.
Hint: Some consider it worse than NAACP Legal Defense Counsel Elaine R. Jones' ethical violations that immediately precipitated her resignation. These people teamed with WMUR and started a very public malignment of my character using copyrighted images from my own website, and NAACP Nashua President Timmmons threatened I would get "run over" out there. I haven't seen a Mercedes Unimog in her driveway yet, so I'll stay the course.

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26 August 2006

KingCast and Justiceforkids abhor Duke rape case Judge's ban on cameras.

KingCast video podcast law site and Justiceforkids call bullshit on the Duke rape case camera ban unless the alleged rape victim calls for it; we have been on the cutting edge of courtroom video for ten (10) years and proudly present all the videos on video podcast sites, and these/illustrative/posts for your consideration: The first one quotes NH Superior Court Judge Robert Lynn about how it is "unfortunate" that bloggers have access to courtroom and broadband, and the last one quotes First Amendment guru Jonathan Kaney -- and they all show why courts prefer to do dirt behind closed doors. Watch "Oreo" at KingCast.net for example.

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Duke rape case; Prosecutors Nifong, Albrecht, Sgt. Gottlieb, Jaffrey NH race rally and the NAACP.

Note: That's a picture of lying-assed Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons with her buddy, recently-resigned Cheshire County Prosecutor Bill Albrecht. More on that later.

So now Duke rape case Prosecutor Mike Nifong claims he has new medical evidence and has set it forth through some questionable recently-produced notes from Sgt. Mark Gottlieb. My position on that case has been clear: Irrespective of the rape allegations, NAACP needs to investigate because the neighbors have said they heard nigger this and nigger that being hurled by these 99% white men of privilege, dammit. And the evidence on the alleged charges is a separate and distinct matter that will come to light in due course. Duh.

Now I don't know if Sgt. Gottlieb's recent evidentiary barrage is as untimely as the "new evidence" I received just prior to my last trial date in the ridiculous attempted extortion/theft charges against me for writing a Demand Letter to the (soon-to-be former) Jaffrey, NH Police Chief, but let's hope for Justice's sake that the new evidence is actually new evidence and not inadmissible hearsay or some other form of State-imposed bullshit. As a former Assistant Attorney General myself, I hate it when the State issues lies to frame someone.

Here's what I mean, bean: In Gloria Timmons' Depo. she flat out told me (post #1 and #2) that she had a sworn and signed affidavit from NAACP Veterans' Chair Cleaven Ferguson. That was a lie, however, because on the eve of trial -- and many many months after said affidavit was allegedly signed and in Timmons' possession -- my lawyer (former Hillsborough County lead prosecutor David A. Horan) and I received a copy of what purports to be an "Affidavit," but which is really just a bunch of words on a page with no sworn attestation whatsoever. Even then it does not declare that I lied about my license status to the NAACP.

So then, at the bottom of this post the real affidavit appears on the left, the bogus affidavit is next to it, and the relevant Depo. pages are to the right of that, one and two. She's clearly a lying pig and my lawyer is going to roast her like one at trial -- which is why she tried to shut down my site for telling it like it is. Watch the "Day in Nashua" short film at KingCast.net captured the day we whupped her ass on the bogus "stalking" charges she levied against me to try to shut me down.

Anyway, as Crime and Federalism pointed out last week in "Clueless in Oklahoma" turning in unsigned affidavits provides grounds to have a Civil Case tossed out. And if it's grounds to have a civil case tossed out, then it is grounds to have a criminal case tossed as well. Duh.

But apparently not in New Hampshire's cracker country , holding a rally today that has drawn the concern of the Anti-Defamation League.

Small wonder Prosecutor Albrecht and Chief Dunn have , both taken unscheduled pit stops of indeterminate duration in this public lynching.

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25 August 2006

KingCast to NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon:

Greetings Bruce Gordon. Soon is your time for agony. The pleasure is mine.

24 August 2006

Sports Friday! ESPN & KingCast reflect on Arthur Ashe and Andre Agassi's retirement.

Tennis 101
First you should read Mike Agassi's book, "The Agassi Story." Talk about immigrants, hell yeah they were hard-working immigrants. Without giving anything away, here's the best part:

How he got over on the Shah of Iran to slip his passport out from the Boxing Federation makes Da Vinci Code seem like so much child's play.

In the sound blawg when I discuss what a modern player can do to a club player (i.e. destroy him in two strokes) I used Andre as the example because he is at the point now where the best in the game can almost decimate him. It all happens so fast - I remember sitting in law school classes with Amy Martin (Todd's sister) and cheering on Todd whenever a big tournament was on, and Andre had yet to hit his prime. Damn we all wanted Todd to win a major! Funny, now Andre is the last of the fab five standing, incuding Michael Chang, Jim Courier, Todd Martin, and the all-conquering Pete Sampras, whose rise, maintenance and fall vaguely tracked that of Pearl Jam in a temporal sense. These men who came up in the shadow of Jimmy and John certainly did America proud. But then most of them - except Andre - did not to consistently deal with Roger Federer. There is no deal there, Poppie -- you pretty much lose. Here's a great ESPN perspective.

Fact: Between 1992 and 1995, either Agassi, Courier or Sampras appeared in 15 of the 16 Grand Slam finals and won 12 of them.

Fact: One member of this same trio held the year-end No. 1 ranking every season from 1992 through 1999. They spent a career total of 445 weeks atop the standings.

Fact: When I hit that 3/4 pace serve in "Live Revolution" at KingCast.net, I told my film maker I was hitting it to Agassi :)

Fact: Before I was a lawyer, I was a reporter. And before I was a reporter, I was a Lincoln-Douglas Debator; later I was runner up in the entire midwest in Law School Moot Court. So no, I do not suffer fools gladly, nor should I.

Fact: When Arthur Ashe and I sat down after one of his value of education motivational chalk-talks at Cincinnati's Walnut Hills High School in 1989 I was not certain about law school and broadband, videopodcasting, KingCast or Justiceforkids weren't even a gleam in my eye. When we walked out of that room, I was certain about law school and I attended Case Western Reserve the following year, where I met my favorite professor of all time, Ted Mearns, who taught my favorite legal case of all time, Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886). I graduated shortly after his death, caused by a bad blood transfusion at a time when our President, the "Great Communicator" Ronald Reagan, had rejected HIV testing for donor blood.
"You may not have the on court skills of a Mac or me, but you can do your own thing in a different court."
Thanks Arthur, I've got no regrets. Rest in Peace my brother, this whole project is in part dedicated to you.

Blawg Yahtzee: Sports Friday! #1

Blawg Yahtzee: All the posts tied to this one about Jamie and the Pilot Pen.

KingCast says Final Pretrial is now 10 a.m., 29 Aug. 2006.

As you recall we were a wee bit uncertain what would happen as Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht both had left the bus idling next to the station house. My appeal to former Assistant Attorney Bill Clearly, who has been temporarily sworn in is simple:

"You and your daughter are both guardians ad litem, sir, so you can clearly see we are on the same page: We protect children against government abuse as seen (and Heard) at Justiceforkids.net, as well as unethical, conflicted lawyers who refuse to recuse themselves, like Giselle Johnson as seen in this post. And I've got to believe, sir, that you would have actually sat down with me to discuss the two letters I sent to the Prosecutor's office Back in the Day, as noted here -- instead of trying to shut down my websites, as Prosecutor Albrecht attempted in "Oreo," now showing at KingCast.net."

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KingCast supports: Blacks Against Blackwell, and anybody against Scott Pullins.

this is an audio post - click to play
Ken Blackwell, 1989/06

"Our color -- but not our kind," they say.
It comes as no surprise to anyone following this blawg that KingCast supports this eclectic group of black professionals in Cuyahoga County, that held a meeting recently at which Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones, Esq., former Cuyahoga County lead prosecutor Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Esq., Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Warrensville Heights Mayor Marcia Fudge were all in attendence. In communicating with one of them recently we agreed that whether or not I used to have disagreements with Stephanie because I was Terry/Gilbert's law clerk, has nothing to do with the fact that Ken Blackwell is the worst thing for Black people (and Ohio in general) since.... Ken Blackwell.

Here's a recent post at 2006 Elections Blogspot where I note my support, and here's the excellent Pandagon Blog link.

Hell, even white Republicans dissed Blackwell as noted in Cincinnati Black Blog.

Then there is Blackwell's buddy, the hateful Republican Lawyer Scott Pullins and his actions, including his likely involvement with Gary Lankford in the personal diatribes against Ted Strickland and his wife reported in this post, not to mention his tertiary involvement in the suicide of Brandon Ratliff, a young returning serviceman in Columbus, Ohio who lost his job at the community health center because of a lack of funds. As State employee MLM Liberal points out, Pullins' unprincipled and shameful campaign tricks led to the defeat of a ballot measure that would have provided the requisite funds to keep the well-liked war veteran's position open by taxing Columbus car rental visitors. Plagued by PTSD and feeling like a failure by the loss of his community, Mr. Ratliff took his own life in 2004. Here's the City Investigation on that.

And a little surfing reveals that Blackwell apparently compared gays and lesbians to arsonists and kleptomanics -- which fits squarely with the Pullins diatribe. Perhaps after all it's Ken and Scott have got a lil' love jones going on, eh?

Whatever the case, if you're doing something foul as a corporate entity, lawyer, judge or politician and we see it, you're subject to see yourself here or on KingCast or Justiceforkids.

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23 August 2006

KingCast sees ADL pull Jaffrey rally from target list.

It appears from a visit to their website that the Anti-Defamation League has been persuaded by someone to pull this weekend's rally from its watchlist. Unfortunately, that doesn't really address the underlying problems in Jaffrey that have been documented rather well by me -- and other professional black men as noted here, here again, there and (scroll down) everywhere. Chief Dunn is a racist pig and Dick Olson supports him, IMHO.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: They might have fooled ADL but they're not fooling us.

KingCast says dammit, Jamie!

this is an audio post - click to play
Tennis 101

Don't let it getcha' down, Brother. Get your head back on after last night's loss at the Pilot Pen and move into the U.S. Open this week ready to kick some ass. Also as noted Lindsay Davenport is looking strong. I love her game because that hand-eye coordination is exemplary, though her physicality as a raw athlete is not. The Divine Ms. D can rip a forehand damn near as hard as Jamie's -- with no net clearance. It's uncanny. They've got this promotional thing "think can you hit with a pro?" going on right now. In my current shape, I'll pass on that one.

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Chief Dunn and dismissed Selectman Dick Olson bring shame and wrath of ADL to Jaffrey, NH.

As noted in the Anti-Defamation League website, the NH Indy Media website as well as my blawg entry yesterday, we've got some serious issues to deal with in Jaffrey.

As noted in my entry, here's what a professional and well-accomplished black man, Renaissance Room owner Bill Perry, who hosted a forum, "Black in a white town" said:
"But the police force in Jaffrey has not been as friendly. In Jaffrey, I’ve been stopped four times. I finally said you know, I don’t fit the profile of Jaffrey Center and I am being hassled by these people."
Eat your heart out, Chief Dunn. I hate everything you stand for. Cracker. I'll tell it to a Jury and I'll tell it to a Judge; Bull Connor's got nothing on you:

Are Dayton law firm Cooper & Gentile and Giselle Johnson committing unethical acts against children?

In this post of 21 July 2006 Justiceforkids and KingCast asked if former School Board attorney Giselle Johnson was acting unethically because of her extreme conflicts of interest in DUE PROCESS hearings. She is withholding information and refusing to recuse herself. Now a partner at her new law firm of Cooper & Gentile slams the phone on JFK, in the exact same manner as School Board President Terry Boyd has done to JFK and parents, as noted in this email.

Frankly, none of this surprises me because I've been through it as a Civil Rights lawyer in Columbus for 5 years, in fact, after a 4-year stint with the AG's office. I remember a few choice things about how Columbus works to disfranchise the poor: Luis Alcalde is another corporate attorney whose firm is fed by Nationwide money, insurer of Columbus Schools:

First, In 1997 or so, that troll chestized me in the back room of Crabbe, Brown while trying to get me to take a swing. Bruce Campbell and the Columbus Bar Ass'n said that was okay.
Next, Keith Golden, another one of Bruce Campbell's cronies told a client of mine -- without any just cause on the merits of the case whatsoever -- that he would "have [her] black ass arrested."
Next, former Department of Administrative Services Director Leonard Aquilino, previously/suspended for disrespectful comments and actions, hit on my client Rachel Perry and allegedly said "all he needs from a black girl is to get handcuffed and fucked in the ass," and
Last but not least, in the video "Then and Now," showing at Justiceforkids watch me talk to Giselle Johnson in open court -- relative to the trial we eventually won for Jerry Doyle you can see in American Lawyer Part 1 at KingCast. All I am asking from her are the official rules for public speaking at the school district, and she is actually making me subpoena them!

The more things change.....

22 August 2006

NH Indy Media and Anti-Defamation League question Jaffrey "Live Free or Die" rally as racist.

The Anti-Defamation League concern is noted in an interesting thread involving Jaffrey citizen Dick Olson, and developing over at NH Indy Media involving Saturday's upcoming "Live free or Die" Rally. Yesterday on NH Indy Media I posted about former Cheshire County Prosecutor and (soon-to-be former) Jaffrey Police Chief Dunn (pictured perhaps in parody but not in my opinion) running from the bogus trial against me and leaving the bus unmanned.

Mr. Olson is a major supporter of Chief Dunn, who as anyone can see, lied about me (again) in this post, claiming I was escorted from American Tower Corporation by the police. Perhaps for his part in supporting Dunn, voters showed Mr. Olson the door as selectman.

Here are two posts, one from me and one from Badcopnews, quoting other black people about their experience in Jaffrey because of Chief Dunn. Mine quotes Renaissance Room owner Bill Perry, who hosted a forum, "Black in a white town." Says Mr. Perry:
"But the police force in Jaffrey has not been as friendly. In Jaffrey, I’ve been stopped four times. I finally said you know, I don’t fit the profile of Jaffrey Center and I am being hassled by these people."
Eat your heart out, Chief Dunn. I hate everything you stand for. Cracker. I'll tell it to a Jury and I'll tell it to a Judge; Bull Connor's got nothing on you:


In my response to the NH Indy Media post, I cited an earlier Indy Media post, "13 Reasons to Celebrate Black History Month in NH," in which someone responded as follows:
"Thanks, Chris. This is an amazing story and I'm still following it. I can't say I'm too surprised that this happened in Jaffrey. I grew up in the neighboring town and always heard from friends that the cops there are fucking crazy. Guess this proves that they are racist to boot. Wonderful waste of space the lot of them are."
You can live free in Jaffrey as long as you don't question authoritaaaay. You bet I'm sending this post to the ADL because I am sick and tired of the bullshit coming out of that town -- especially as I'm friends with previous Police Chief Phillip's former Daughter-in-Law.

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21 August 2006

KingCast asks: "Was Albrecht upset with County Commissioners?"

I dunno. I would be upset and might just quit without warning if I told my bosses that "there needs to be a time when rules are broken," and they then unanimously dissed me. Check page 13, the 22 Feb. 2006 Commissioners' meeting.

Of course that still doesn't explain his conduct trying to chill my First Amendment Right of Expression as he tried to do in the "Oreo" video at KingCast, nor does it explain the appearance of impropriety issue.... but it is a plausible explanation, Yo'.

KingCast asks: "Who's driving this bus?"

KingCast and Justiceforkids are the new Freedom Riders -- but given our compromised view from the back we have no idea who's driving the bus, as both driver Albrecht and ACME Ace co-pilot Dunn kinda' took unscheduled and indefinite pit stops.

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KingCast asks: Where's your boyfriend now, Gloria?

Better quit waitin' on some Great White Hope to save you and Nashua NAACP from your own incompetence and lies because Bill Albrecht, to coin a phrase from the Violent Femmes, is Gone, Daddy Gone.

With Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht gone, will Dunn's buddy Peter Heed take the helm to prosecute me?

Okay. With Chief Dunn out of the picture, and with Prosecutor Albrecht out of the picture, will former Prosecutor Peter Heed take the helm to prosecute me now? The Keene Sentinel reports that Bill Albrecht's self-inflicted withdrawal from the election "remains a mystery," and notes that many want Peter Heed to return to the post. Albrecht actually withdrew after the election filing deadline! My trial, BTW was scheduled for election day, 12 Sept. 2006. Scans forthcoming.

Albrecht refused to comment, but did cite job stress as a factor. Excuse me, but job stress in that position? He wouldn't have made it a day in the 5 Burroughs. How do you spell stress? N-I-G-G-E-R.
In the alternative, N-I-G-G-E-R-on-the-W-E-B.

Watch Albrecht try to shut my highfalutin' black ass down in "Oreo," now showing at KingCast.net.

Here's Prosecutor Albrecht and the appearance of impropriety.

Any way, Attorney Heed is a good buddy of Chief Dunn's as seen in this picture (Marty left, Peter, right) from the post where I note all the lies that the NH AG's office has been involved in to try to screw me, and how they blew off my second complaint against Chief Dunn for violating Rule 98. Of course such a close association might lead me to file a Motion to have him removed. Interestingly, Chief Dunn tried to make a Big Deal out of me -- as a subordinate -- giving a Caucasian female manager what she wanted in the privacy of her office while I was a good Worker Bee -- but Peter Heed can't dare go there with me because he left office over a damn sex scandal where he was the manager groping a subordinate in public, also as noted in the above post. FWIW, I have agreed with Attorney Heed on Education (as noted in the related post, below) and think they made him a patsy -- same way they tried to do to me in this case.

My Brother KBCraig at NH Underground ummm... points out... what an oxymoronic name.

Note: I have never seen so many AG's in one dangerous place at one time: I'm a former AAG (but just a nigger in NH); Heed is a former AG; and Judge Arnold is a former AG. They've been trying to pull rank on me for quite some time now, but as my attorney -- former Hillsborough lead prosecutor David A. Horan points out -- it's well past time for this case to be dismissed.

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My favorite case of all time: Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886).

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: All filmed after my 4 years at the Ohio AG's office.

20 August 2006

KingCast welcomes new Manchester, NH NAACP branch!

I've met some of the Principals and think they -- and the Manchester Black Caucus -- will do a much better job standing up for a progressive agenda than these/clowns in Nashua, what with Nashua President Timmons repeatedly lying Under Oath.

And then, while at Big Toy consignment -- directly across the street from Alpha Title Company I named and opened, and also across the street from Sarah's place and Under Oath liarhead Gloria Timmons' place (how about all that for a coincidence) -- I met UNH Multicultural affairs director Sean McGhee's nephew Brian; I was performing ghetto-riffic fusebox tricks on the Yamaha and he was riding a Kawasaki ZX-6. Nice kid. Said he feels racism in NH, so I told him I would send him and his uncle a copy of this post about NH's anti-nigga' machine as noted at items a through d inclusive, and inform them of Justiceforkids.net and KingCast.net.

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