17 July 2006

Then and now: Ken Blackwell and the roots of KingCast and Justiceforkids.net

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Ken Blackwell, 1989/06

Note: For those of you surfing in from the excellent Pandagon post that referenced me, be sure to read the follow-up post discussing Blackwell history with Diebold and my history with Diebold -- specifically that he invests in Diebold while I write briefs against them for Age Discrimination.

I was around for Ken Blackwell's 1980's ascension from City council to HUD Czar. Now Ohio Gubernatorial candidate Bob Fitrakis, Esq. -- who, along with John Waddy, Esq. and me, also represented Jerry Doyle -- notes Blackwell is on the hot seat regarding his affiliation with Diebold and voter fraud. Doyle also has provided sworn testimony about 2004 voter irregularities, and RFK, Jr. just filed a qui tam lawsuit on it.

I didn't care for Blackwell's politics too much then, and my buddy Bill Moss (RIP) and I certainly don't care for them now -- as he sits at the helm of the Ohio GOP -- one of the most politically corrupt States in the Union. And as this blawg entry and Daily Kos stories note, he hides his affiliation with conservative Masonic empires like the Council for National Policy; takes it right off his damn blog. Liar-hater. This 19 Oct. 1989 story's jump page featured commentary from Associate Professor of Political Science/Graduates Studies Director Marshall Goodman in response to Blackwell as follows:
"I'm fearful that this notion of privatization is one method of decentralizing that opens more doors to corruption.... Civil Liberties are going to go right out the window.... Instead of trying to work with these people to get them jobs they're blaming the victim and not addressing those concerns. The Job Training Partnership Act needs more."

This was just after I used to pound beers with Jerry Springer when I was a bartender at Sudsy Malone's when it opened, one of the country's first Suds/Suds/Music venues in 1986/7. John Cioffe was the owner. Jerry was pretty cool then, even though he had a proclivity for writing (while married, IIRC) bad checks for prostitutes that bounced. Ouch. Anyway, I rode this Yamaha RD350 then, with a sticker I made that noted "Elvis was fat when he died;" I ride this Yamaha FZ750 now. Twice the displacement, but not really twice as fast nor is it really twice as fun. I miss the RD, may buy a newer, liquid-cooled one from Canada one day.
This one is waaaay off the chain.

I was around for the oppression of Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, Robert Mapplethrope and Curator Dennis Barrie.

At the time I was an editor/photojournalist of a statewide black-owned newspaper run by John Bustamante, Esq. -- who smashed unions, whether or not his family and I all went to the same prep school. I hated them for that, and ultimately resigned over it to go to the IndyStar (then Star-News!) before law school. However, I and others subsequently tipped them off to a Jury instruction error by Judge Manos' law clerk in a Cleveland Federal District Court when they were railroading Publisher Bustamante, resulting in an overturn of a conviction on some bullshit charges they like to level at powerful black men. I believe one of the prosecutors made a statement: "That Bustamante, he's a real wheeler-dealer." Okay, in my list of indictable offenses I don't remember that one from law school. I believe President Clinton issued a pardon.

Frankly Mr. Shankly, I think Manos and/or his clerk may have done it on purpose to thwart the government's case, but that's just pure conjecture on my part -- and the part of other law clerks at the time. As the link shows, whether or not Attorney Bustamante and I had workplace disagreements had nothing to do with the government screwing him and his family. This was a very, very sad case and I shake my head about it to this very day.

Now I am an editor of KingCast and Justiceforkids.net, a multiracial effort with participants who trust each other with every thought in their minds, and who imbue in each other love, hope, integrity and a shared vision for a better World. Yet and still the NAACP/Gloria Timmons and Jaffrey, NH Chief Dunn try to shut down this blawg and KingCast.net, and to lock me up for trying to help likely police abuse victim Willie Toney -- as described in this open letter to NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon -- in violation of NAACP v. Button. Or perhaps it is because of our vision. They are Haters.

We've been around the block, folks. We're media bloggers from Hell.

We come into your town, we help you party down....


Christopher King said...

Okay, so I need to clarify this weekend's post regarding the origins of KingCast and Justiceforkids as stemming from my discussions with educator Derek Phillips:


That would be the second impetus. The first was being a reporter in the first friggin' place, back when some of today's bloggers were still wet behind the ears; couldn't yet pee straight.

I just loved squeezing the trigger on that Nikon 4004s (remember film?) while Blackwell explained his bullshit back in the day; got him gesturing (jestering?) while Katie Kieth just looks on in exasperation. She was a great lady.

Just like the Warner Brothers' Animaniacs, I locked that story into a vault in case I ever needed it one day =^.)

Christopher King said...

I forgot to ask you, Chief and Gloria, who agrees with you:

Is there any part of this that is a "figment of my imagination?"

You guys are blight on the landscape of Civil Rights; like a washed-up walrus on the beach, you're blocking my sun.

Christopher King said...

Also in that issue:

* AP reported that Jailed South African ANC leader and anti-Apartheid activist Walter Sisulu was freed; for background:


* Clint Bolick, director of the Landmark Legal Foundation Center for Civil Rights issued a 6-point adviso for Bush #I, including strengthening Civil Rights laws so that "more Americans can break barriers to share in the American Dream." I sourced that from AP.

* Cincinnati Hypertension Education Project (CHEP) closed its doors for want of funding. I covered that.

* NAACP files voting suit against Niagra Falls: You know, the organization that "doesn't sue or threaten to sue," according to Nashua NAACP leaders. Think I'm lying Chief Dunn? I got the paper right in front of me.

As the NAACP grew out of the Niagra Movement 100 years ago, they nonetheless had to meet on the Canadian side of the Falls because we were black folk. But didn't nobody get arrested or face 3 drawn guns and a body cavity search and a bogus charge of "loitering" for pissing behind a store ;-)

In 1989 blacks comprised 13% of the city's population of 71,384 -- yet no black had ever been elected to Counicil, according to NAACP Assistant General Counsel Dennis Courtland Hayes.
Hey Chief Dunn, none of these stories are a figment of my imagination.

Betcha' didn't know I had that kind of depth or background didja'?

You bucking fastard.

Just my opinion.

Of course it's also my opinion that I'm a pretty good news reporter, photojournalist and editor, but who cares about those touchy-feely stories about [negroes] anyway?

Definitely not the folks at MassCops.com; read the emboldended comments section right here:



Christopher King said...

BTW Walter Sisulu left our World this March,


.....while I was busy fending off another bullshit attempt to put my black ass in jail by Chief Dunn and Prosecutor Albrecht, using a goddamn "Notice of Appearance" that Attorney Charlie Bauer didn't even have the skills to manage to send to my residence.

So to the Daily Kos bloke "Green-Tinted Sixties Mind" who chided me with not being anyone of jailed and murdered Steven Biko's caliber, I submit that America is full of Steven Bikos; I'm just the one who happens to have a blawg and a video podcast site to show it; call it lynching interruptus.


Just the facts.

Christopher King said...

Another fact:

NYTimes interviewed my Uncle John about Ken Blackwell because he substitute taught from time to time with Mrs. Blackwell down in the 'Nati.

He said:

"His direction is whichever way the wind is blowing, that's where he's gonna' go."

Anonymous said...

Off Topic.

Chris, I just Just got off the phone with a reliable source about what on at American Tower Tower Corp...

The engineer, so cold financier of the company had contact with Kevan Fulmar... Kevan Fulmar told me about him. His personal credit card expense was one million each month..

Kevan is a good accountant.. why would he need to know kevan?

Charles Duffy

Christopher King said...

A million a month?

I wouldn't doubt it.

ATC is so disgustingly dirty, and I'm not sorry to say I told you so.

Keep in touch.