20 July 2006

NPR and KingCast report: In Chicago, police can beat your black ass and get away with it.

Yepper, here's the story about how Chicago police routinely beat black men right here. Olympic Gold medalist speed skater Shani Davis got hassled too, and is suing their asses as I noted here.

Will NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon make it clear to Dubya this week that such inhumane acts will not be tolerated, or will he actually support the abuse as he supported the ridiculous attempt -- in violation of NAACP v. Button -- to prosecute this former NAACP Legal Redress Chair for writing a Demand Letter concerning the apparent police abuse of Willie Toney because it upset the conservative white NH establishment?

Or will he do anything to address the negative attitudes held by some Massachusetts police officers who say the NAACP is "the worlds largest racist group: NAACP: National Association of Asshole Colored People..." and who are so ignorant they don't know that "blawg" is a white word to describe a law-related weblog and not the construct of ghetto slang. They have even called me a criminal when I've never even stood trial; the Prosecutor duped me and tried to make up some other charges. I dunno, something about the lack of Due Process implicated by the Mass Cops comment kind of irks me, right?

Well Due Process failures also irked those [negroes] who got suffocated and beat down in the back of the Chicago police station when I was in high school. I wish KingCast had been there to expose their situation back in The Day; perhaps they can still bring Civil Claims.

Police have tough jobs -- perhaps the toughest in the World -- but the only thing worse than a redneck cop in the South.... is a redneck cop in the North.

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