29 July 2006

NHPR publishes KingCast on NH Doctor Terry Bennett vis a vis NAACP and Jaffrey Chief Dunn.

It's an interesting thread. Dr. Bennett -- ahem -- acquits himself fairly well in theory, regarding his comment about white women and obesity, but in application take a look around New Hampshire: How many white men do you see with obese white women? A ton :)

So I stand by my comments. That's the beauty of the First Amendment -- something that Ransmeier & Spellman's own Charlie Bauer, Esq, Mary Jo Kilroy and NH Superior Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn, who presided over this fiasco, are about to see in blinding detail when "Then and Now" premieres tomorrow evening or thereabouts on Justiceforkids.net and KingCast.net.

PS: Hey "Smoking Gun" Charlie, how's your client enjoying his sabbatical? Perhaps you'll wish to join him after you watch yourself on video -- in open court -- refuse to shake my hand in the same fashion your sidekick Maria Proulx did just outside the door of said court.

KingCast.net: Because payback is a motherfucker =^.)

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