19 July 2006

Mass Cops shuts down KingCast comments.

So I write in, as a former law enforcement attorney with the Ohio Attorney General's office, seeking principled discourse about Willie Toney's arrest and they shut it down. Funny, they were the ones who linked to my blawg calling Chief Dunn a slime-bag in the first place. And one of them was so biased he even said I "talked like a crminal" [sic] by writing "blawg," ["It's blog, dawg!"] so I had to school them on the fact that USA Today has defined Blawg recently. I love it.


Christopher King said...

Note the tonal quality of the exchange. Not once am I rude to any of them. Quite the contrary, but they are quite rude to me, and try to bust on me for getting fired by American Tower, even though I got fired for reporting American Tower to a LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY whose director, Corey Surett, Esq. agreed with me 100%


Not to mention that American Tower violates known Texas Property code 91.005 as my co-worker and I told ATC before they sh*t-canned us:


Not to mention that American Tower is still subject to a U.S. Department of Justice subpoena and derviative shareholder actions for more alleged acts of dishonesty and securities fraud:

Then they try to call me a racist while maligning the NAACP:

Dawg, NO ONE here is your brother, and any real colored person with a backbone would be happy to tell you that too. The only thing you and your "brothers" share is the greediness to steal from every other person and hide behind the foil you call race.
Not white, not black; none here are in any way related to you. Not in blood, not in profession, and since there are no criminals here, not in that community either.

You represent the worlds largest racist group: NAACP: National Association of Asshole Colored People...

Would you provide these free services to a white person who was stripped / harassed by a black officer? No? RACIST!

To the contrary, as my white brother-in-law and webhost, and as this conservative white family in NH will tell you:


......Perhaps I should report this hostility toward the NAACP to the.... NAACP =^.)

Christopher King said...

Ooooh, Ooooh, Mr. Kotter, I know, I know.... It's DUE PROCESS!

Notice how that one guy calls me a criminal:

"....since there are no criminals here, not in that community either."

Well exactly when did I become a criminal?

Here's w'happened on trial day, when they ran from the Jury and bait-and-switched me:



After a year of trying to lock me up on bail revocation for among other things, issuing this blawg. In so doing, they used Attorney Charlie Bauer's Notice of Appearance that wasn't even sent to my damn residence!

Query, then, is that the sort of Due Process that Officer "Curious EMT" and his buddies award people on a late night (or early morning) Terry Stop?

If so, now we see the reason why America is truly a victim of a police state.

Sad, but all too true.