27 July 2006

KingCast watches Nashua PD drop Michael Gannon case like a hot potato.

Okay, so Dvorak Uncensored linked to this blawg and to KingCast.net because I told you right here that the whole case was bullshit; i.e. charging a man with felony wiretap violations for audio-video taping the police at his own home. Well apparently Nashua PD is now aware of the error in their ways, as they failed to bring their probable cause case yesterday in Nashua (Union Leader story) instead sending it off for the Grand Jury, which will probably throw that bullshit out -- along with the new charge of tape tampering -- quicker than you can say "malicious prosecution."

A Grand Jury would have thrown my case out in Cheshire County, as well if Prosecutor Albrecht would have actually let me come before said Jury (as I requested) and if he had not improperly told said Jury that I had no Good Faith basis that the NAACP would sue Jaffrey PD because, according to the Nashua NAACP and him, the entity does not sue, or threaten to sue parties. Yeah, right.

Anyway, funny how all the media has stopped covering my case though, except for the Keen Sentinel piece which was fundamentally flawed correction issued here because of all the trickery set forth by Prosecutor Albrecht in my case on the day of trial -- dropping the felony charges to trick me into agreeing to a bench trial, then adding a contempt of court charge in order to circumvent well-established NH law (i.e. State v. Erickson, State v. Summers and progeny) that the prosecutor cannot materially change a Grand Jury Indictment.

KingCast is hip to your tricks, Bill. And we've got most of them preserved in video for future viewing pleasure.

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