06 July 2006

KingCast shows how Chief Dunn, Slick Willie Albrecht, NAACP and Ohio treat their niggers.

Okay Bill. You and your buddies at the NAACP wanna' talk about my Ohio history? Well take a look right here; this was my legacy in Columbus. And the NAACP, despite knowing full well the horrors that Rachel Perry suffered in documents 1, 2, 3 -- did nothing, despite the fact that Leonard Aquillino received disciplinary corrective action years earlier after a clear history of allegations of misrepresentation (posing as a doctor!) and regarding derogatory sexual treatment of subordinate employees. His ass was fuckin' suspended, but a nigger would have been fired.

Nor did they do anything relative to Jill Vogel's history of calling people "black sons of bitches" and "nigger lovers" seen in part at docs 4,5.

And I just posted today about how columnist Helen Ubinas noted that the NAACP is conspicuous by its absence in the wrongful death shooting of a black teen named Jashon Bryant by a white cop named Robert Lawler.

So I tell all of you ass-clowns right now: I see how you operate and my team has it captured on video, especially Attorney Horan coming back into our strategy session and noting that His Honor asked in chambers why Slick Willie didn't bring the contempt of court charge prior to empaneling the Jury that he subsequently tricked me out of. Because if he had done that, a) he might not have been able to do it because it is tantamount to materially changing a Grand Jury Indictment, but also b) I would have had a Jury trial on all of this nonsense and the jury would have acquitted on all of it.

As I stated before in the public fora, no way would I have taken a bench trial if Albrecht -- who had the case for an entire fucking year -- had been forthright about his intentions of duping me. But then of course he couldn't dupe me, so I'm being ridiculous once again, actually asking for Due Process from a man who twice trice to lock me up by revoking bail -- even using a Notice of Appearance from Attorney Charlie Bauer that he knew damn well wasn't even sent to my address.

This is ugly, you bet.

Suggested viewing: "Oreo" and "Day in Nashua" on KingCast.net.

Pairs well with: KingCast and NAACP present: "Black sons of bitches," + black women who will "have their black asses arrested," or "handcuffed and fucked in the ass."

Anyway, these haters have a License to Ill, that's for certain.
Oh, the license is a parody, that's right.


Christopher King said...

Heh-heh.... for you haters who think I actually tried to pass myself off as a licensed attorney at any time since 2000, I refer you to the letterhead at document #4, written when I was licensed.

See how it reads:

Christopher King
Attorney at Law.

How did the letter to Chief Dunn read:

Christopher King, J.D.

Spot the difference.

Now I've got a Bass Ale, a seared tuna salad and some asparagus to attend to before I work a double tomorrow.


Christopher King said...

I see my buddy from WALDORF, MD
USA stopped in today. I'm not going to publish the entire IP address because I cannot conclusively say that this person(s) is/are haters.

But I will ask this:

Nothing to say about my delusional state today?


Anonymous said...

Sir , you are stating alot of untruths here in regard to Racheal Perry and Lennie Aquilino , I know I knew them both. She was one of the most manipulating people I ever meet , and she used the system to her advantage.

Christopher King said...

Yeah that Lenny, he was some angel, right?

I've read her personnel file.

You probably have not.