28 July 2006

KingCast sees Exxon share $10.4B quarterly rape proceeds with NAACP.

New York Daily News' Bill Hutchinson reports:
"Exxon Mobil's bloated revenues were the second-highest quarterly profits for a publicly-traded U.S. Company -- behind the $10.9 billion it earned in the fourth quarter of 2005."
Coincidentally -- or perhaps not -- I told you about the NAACP and corporate fellatio just the other day, in which my Uncle noted the presence of such such sexual activity is precisely what made me expendible. And just before that, I showed you why Saudi-lovin' oil magnate Dubya' is busy drillin' for crude nuggets up NAACP CEO Bruce Gordon's narrow black ass.

An astute mind at Daily Kos summarized the problem nicely right here with some musical accompaniement by Ike and Tina Turner. Keep in mind that Exxon is a major contributor to the NAACP, natch.

Suggested listening: Myth of Rock, by Consolidated!; Disposable Heroes of Hipoprisy and Spearhead/Michael Franti, whose new Album "Yell Fire" just debuted and who appears on this blawg with respect to American Tower Corporation's failed attempt to eviscerate it.

Suggested viewing: "Day in Nashua" at KingCast.net. I tell you why in the comments.

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Christopher King said...

NAACP are a bunch of worthless hypocrites. Former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume -- whose got, like a bazillion kids already -- can shag a subordinate all he wants (he admits "dating" her and a "romantic relationship") and nobody at NAACP gets all up in arms about that:


.....But at the outset of "Day in Nashua" at KingCast.net, watch Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons says to me: "You're not gonna' expose yourself here."

She's jawing about the fact that I, as a subordinate, provided some afternoon lovin' for a horny, vibrator-prone Caucasian female manager at her request.


It had nothing to do with me being fired from American Tower whatsoever. As we all know, I was a brilliant employee at American Tower who got fired immediately after I properly requested overtime from American Tower, and U.S. Dep't of Labor concurred wholeheartedly, check the second paragraph in this post that shows in graphic detail the truth about my time spent at American Tower and in the wireless industry to some extent.


FWIW I like Mr. Mfume. I'm just pointing out the bullshit involved with some people of the NAACP.

It's All Good.