21 July 2006

KingCast says goodnight to John Lenear.

Dear John,

I am saddened at your departure from this World. God knows we had our disagreements when I worked at the Call & Post that led me to the IndyStar, but most of those were internal. I know you and I agreed on all the major stuff, like Ken Blackwell. And ironically -- or perhaps not -- I wrote of our boss, John Bustamante, Esq. just after you died this week, though I had no idea of your passing until an hour ago when my mother told me. You were my first boss in my first real job after graduation as a reporter and now I can write and you cannot. I thank you for everything, Man -- arguments and all. Now I gotta' go John. I'm crying for Pete's sake. Okay, I'm a man and all.... so I'm misty-eyed, 'yo.


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Christopher King said...

John Lenear died of prostate cancer. As you view the linked newspaper scans showing a younger, pudgier Ken Blackwell on the front page, be aware that just off to the left side of that fold, the lead Metro Brief I ran was regarding Cancer Awareness week.