30 July 2006

KingCast presents: A comment on Qana.

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One World
Do I think the (German) Holocaust was one of the worst things the World has ever seen? Yes. Did my significant other and I visit the Holocaust Museum in 1994, shortly after it opened to pay our respects? Yes. Did she and I both weep? Yes. Were most of my childhood and subsequent friends and mentors Jewish? Yes.

But did I live with a Lebanese family for a summer in undergrad? Yes. And do I think Isreal and the U.S. are up to No Good in Lebanon and elsewhere, which has an interesting antecedent in 1996? Yes.

Regard "Truth Will Set you Free" law student-blogger qrswave's post on this, with slideshow images. qrswave and other bright folks have dropped by on this blog from time and time or blogrolled me; we keep in touch on the important things and I'm certain he will enjoy our new jointly-hosted video on Justiceforkids.net and KingCast.net premiering in the next few hours, "Then and Now," because he hates government corruption, lies and deception just as much as I do.


dusty said...

Great stuff. I am linking to you dude..

Peace for us all,

Christopher King said...

Right on, right on.

Life could be so simple if people just let it be so.

So much suffering, so much hate....

Peace unto you as well.


And since you are a sports nut, next time you see Wilbon on PTI take a look at that nose. Looks a bit like mine 'cos we're first cousins. Great guy.

plez... said...

After Sunday's Isreali attack on Qana, I'm against ALL WARS, because the people who suffer the most are the ones NOT carrying the guns: the children, the women, and the elderly.

If Isreal and Hezbollah cannot agree to a cease fire, then we should pull all of our support (for both Lebanon & Isreal) until something happens.

Same thing in Iraq... if the Iraqi government cannot "Stand Up" so that the US can "Stand Down", then let's just stand down AND see how quickly they curb the civil unrest in that country! This sh*t is making me SICK!!!

Christopher King said...


But nothing wrong with a War of Words, or video.

Take a look at our new video, with historical footage about oppression coming down from the government: