07 July 2006

KingCast presents: The Columbus case that started it all.

Well thanks to Slick Willie Albrecht I have now had to refocus on Columbus, Ohio. Here are the scans 1,2,3 that correspond to documents 4 and 5 from post below involving the slumlord and the attorney with the biggest name in Columbus ("Schottenstein" see para. 2) who filed the grievance against Attorney Pope and me for taping his property manager. And here is the goddamn text from Columbus Bar Association fellow Charles Kurtz, Esq. noting that surreptitious phone taping was not per se unethical. So if it's not per se unethical, wouldn't it be appropriate for a slumlord whose employees:
1. routinely issue racial slurs (i.e. "black son of a bitch" and "she's dating a black man because she's got low self-esteem");
2. have decrepit properties subject to emergency order, and;
3. who refuse to receive Certified Mail from the undersigned nigger lawyer about the situation? (see Memorandum para. 10). And where was the damned NAACP for all of this?
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NAACP: pretty vacant

Blawg Yahtzee: Columbus Bar Association President Bruce Campbell says "We have no idea what article you're talking about," even though we have him on video watching me read it into the record in my discplinary hearing.

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Christopher King said...

I just sent Attorney Kurtz a copy of this post. He is at the same firm that defended the Airtouch/Cellular One case involving decorated armed services veteran Gregory S. Boatwright, who was forced to resume a conversation with an irate Caucasian customer who had told him

"I didn't call in here to argue with a fucking nigger, so get my service back on, now!"

Boatwright's case is here:


Kurtz' email addy is here:


Viva technology.

Christopher King said...

Oh, what the hell. Since the case involves a black attorney noting racial issues, I sent it to the Columbus Bar Association committee on Diversity as well.


I'll await their response with baited breath.

Christopher King said...

Never heard back.