23 July 2006

KingCast presents: Blackballed NIMBY fighter.

Not In My Back Yard with that 125' monopole wireless communications tower, you don't.
Well, fact of the matter is, I did. Never once late on a zoning application from Va. Beach all the way up to Richmond. Did many a balloon test; drove up to them in the (sometimes) trusty BMW 2002tii. Never once denied. Made good friends with municipalities all over the place (see comments section for explanation of "stealth" towers). Made certain that single (white) mothers got the towers on their property whenever possible, BTW to help with finances. That's the same sort of spirit that led me to write this email to American Tower in 2000 while I worked for Pyramid, actually -- as noted over at KingCast video "American Lawyer #2." I'm good at erecting towers; that's why I was a good corporate shill for the bastards at American Tower Corp.

But since I busted on American Tower and got them hit with a $300K overtime judgement you but I'm blackballed in that and many other industries. Now I can show you that all that noise they teach you in Law School about Truth, Justice and the American Way is just that: Noise.

Chief Dunn and Gloria Timmons: Despite what both of you agree on, and you both consider me a "grandstander" (actually a word supplied by liarhead Attorney Charlie Bauer at Gloria's Deposition as noted on 13 Nov. 2005) those accomplishments are hardly figments of my imagination. The both of you are a blight on the landscape of Civil Rights; like a washed-up walrus on the beach, you're blocking my sun.

Blawg Yahtzee: The 5 years of my life that Marty is looking for.


Christopher King said...

First off, thanks to San Fran rapper E40 -- note observation #3 from Hip-Hop blogger Area 4:51 on the Walrus in the Sun piece I bit from "The further adventures of Lieutenant Roast-a-both vs. Sherrie Stack-a-grop," an hilariously spiteful sex-war song:


Second, believe it or not folks, cell tower companies don't set out on a mission to fuck with your landscape. Placing a tower involves a complex web ( in this approximate order) of radio frequency, or RF values, zoning, buildability and cost of rent. Zoning also includes lines-of-sight for historic areas and ancient burial ground issues.

You can have dead spots near the center of town at times and the only way to fix that is.... by putting up a tower in the center of town. Duh.

But hidden, or stealth towers ain't cheap. I forget the per-foot price, but it is astronomical. That's why sometimes I helped put steath towers in church steeples too, 6 years ago because that kind of stealth application doesn't cost as much as a fake tree.

BTW some of the fake trees are HIDEOUS, I would rather see a steel pole, honestly =^.) I put up a couple of stealth towers with Sprint while working for Pyramid in the Williamsburg area but we used the Good Shit; they are quite pretty actually.

So there you go.

Actually, before you go, take a look at how Ana and I whored ourselves out to American Tower to receive those $6K raises by violating Texas Property Code Section 91.005:



Christopher King said...

BTW E-40's club got shut down unfortunately because of a shooting.

Not all clubs get shut down because of shootings, however, so there may be some selective prosecution going on against a strong black rapper, but then what else is new?


T_Robbins said...

Day 39. Steak House job still there?

Christopher King said...

Yeah, and they love me there. Older, more sophisticated wait staff and fine dining environment agrees with me just, well... fine.

They love me there and at another job that I don't tell anyone about, in addition to a developing video proposal but I'll give you nice quote regarding jobby-job #2 that helps me stash $$ away for Yamaha sprockets and a rent deposit for a nice new apartment.


WOW...what an effort!!!! Keep up the great work and way to go assembling such an all-star team for this 3 day event.

Good job Coach!!!!
Thank you to all who helped, I couldn't ask for a more dedicated, hard-working team...these are some STUPID numbers!



Funny how once you remove a fucking bullshit-assed felony indictment:



.....a brother can git right on back to his exemplary work, as noted in this very piece.

Mad? You bet I'm fucking mad, as this Nashua school teacher reasonably noted as he wrote me this email:


But I don't just get mad. I get on with my life, while documenting the true state of the NAACP:


....which hasn't met a corporate dick it didn't like:


Don't come to this page looking for a victim. To quote former Boston Globe writer Jonathan Kaufman, whom I interviewed in 1990 or so, on his book Broken Alliance - Turbulent times between blacks and jews in America "I fight for no one's victim space," I'm a survivor.

So what's my cut then, on the Vegas line you mentioned earlier?


Tone Robbins said...

You know I had the over brother. Odds are you would find a place to fit in.

I blew the jingle on hair tonic and decongestant.

Christopher King said...

Ahhh, but there's more:

A possible return to telecom may be developing.

I can't wait to service an American Tower account. I will scrutinize the living shit out of it. If it's good, I will say so. And if it isn't, I'll say that, too.