30 July 2006

KingCast pays homage to BMW, the king of sport sedans.

Cracks me right up that so many young BMW people -- even at BMW stores -- had no idea what I was driving a few years ago (a '74 2002tii) when I told them "I need a shift knob for a 2002" they come out and see my car and ask "where's the 2002?"

"Right in front of you."

Really cool 2002 article #1 from BMW.
Really cool 2002 article #2 from Privateer.

Anyway, I'm bored while my film crew is finalizing colour and sound on "Then and Now," so I linked to my favorite (affordable) car, and also figured in light of recent Tracksy activity that I would now link to my favorite and most accurate description of the clusterfuck that occurred between American Tower Corporation and the NAACP, with both of them hating my guts. One of them paid for for it in cash -- although I had to lose the tii to Alex Vogel Restoration in the melee -- and one of them is paying for it every day on this blawg.

Irony -- or not: Mr. Vogel's shop, where I love to hang out, is right smack next door to the Dublin Police Station, where Chief Letourneau came from that fateful night to help draw guns on Willie Toney. We've got footage of me dancing on the bumper of the now mint-condition tii and we'll use it one of these days, but probably not before I buy another one.

And for trailblazing female automotive journalist Jean Lindamood-Jennings (Car & Driver, Automobile) yes, dear you have no idea how many hours I spent next to your beautiful 3.0CSi coupe, arcticblau with the 5 spoke Campagnolo rims.

Long live old BMWs; get parts for them at 2002AD.


Christopher King said...

I never got around to putting a 5sp gear box or quick ratio steering box on my tii but those are favored upgrades/mods.

Best thing about that car?

Perfect 4 wheel drift on any on-ramp you like; and the sound of the engine nobody can describe, you just have to hear it. It's like a high-pitched whine, but with sack to it, a little baritone. If you've ever owned one, and hear that sound in traffic your head snaps around like Pavlov's dog to see who it is.

You sat bolt upright, but it was totally comfortable all the way from Texas to Boston.

And the back seat is amazingly roomy =^.)

Anonymous said...

I remember that red tii. I was the guy who middle-manned the sale between you and Alex. Funny that I should stumble across your blog while in search of images for my Classic and Vintage BMW Enthusiasts Facebook page .. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Classic-and-Vintage-BMW-Enthusiasts/156647081029238 ..I hope that all is well with you!

Christopher King said...

Hey now, I can't believe that the engine turned out to still be good, I am so sad that car went away, thought they would plant me in it. Were it not for a succession of incredible mishaps I would have it today.

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