21 July 2006

KingCast notes that NAACP + Bush have already forged an alliance on NCLB.

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Love fest parody
Damn I forgot when I told you about the para-military complex Love-Fest yesterday that these two have been doin' the nasty for some time now, leaving some shit-stained-sheets in Connecticut. Sadly, the sexplay involves children.

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Christopher King said...

Awww... pshaw Mr. King, you say. That man Bruce Gordon has helped many a young black man/woman toward substantial careers.....

To which I say, "well, certainly, as long as that young black man or woman adheres to the company line, which in Bruce Gordon's case involved allowing NSA to violate the 1996 Telecommunications Act while he was a President of the company." Prolly no way he knew about or condoned that, though.

Anyway, I know a few things about working hard in Corporate America as my partner Ana and I were the only non upper-echelon employees to receive $6,000.00 raises at American Tower and I was employee of the week.

Take a look at the picture, Gloria and Chief Dunn, since you both agree I engage in "fantasy" about my background:


And when you're done, pass it on over to some of the folks at Masscops.com, who view the NAACP as:

"National Association of Asshole Colored People..."