25 July 2006

KingCast notes: NAACP is bound to fuck somebody every day.

If it's not Nashua NAACP Executive Committee member Claire Holston popping my cherry, it's former National President/CEO Kweisi Mfume allegedly fucking a subordinate, or current National President/CEO Bruce Gordon making the two-headed beast with Dubya' and other MNC's.

KingCast.net: Fucking hootlarious.

Update: Boric Acid and other contaminants mailed in threatening letters to the NAACP. That's ridiculous; perhaps we can get couple of the guys from MassCops.com to help investigate while they're not busy sutting down my comment thread while showing their fucking ignorance on the etymology of the word "blawg" ("It's blog, dawg") and calling the NAACP the "National Association of Asshole Colored People," as noted right fucking here.

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mBm said...

Feds investigate letter scare at NAACP branches - Envelopes containing white powder turn up at several of group’s offices