30 July 2006

KingCast notes: If Mel Gibson had been a nigger, or a poor white man, they would have whupped his ass and shot him.

Instead they tried to cover up his actions, which he himself has said were out of control. Here's the current blog peace from TMZ.com (KingCast is comment #100) and here is the one with the 4pp. PDF of the cover-up. At p5, 8 lines from bottom, it reads: Gibson "attempted to escape arrest."

As NPR and I showed you, they beat niggers for less in Chicago, and in Jaffrey, NH they pull guns on niggers, give them visual body cavity searches, hit them with bogus "stalking" charges -- and then try to go after a zealous NAACP official who approaches the government for redress on behalf of the nigger with (failed) Extortion charges!

Using a now-vacant, on indefinite medical leave, Chief of police in Jaffrey, NH who consistently treated me in the manner of an asshole.

And the NAACP, punch-drunk but cash-rich from all the corporate dick they inhale, goes right along with the program, in violation of NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963). Nice.

Any minute now, we'll take a look at the short film, "Then and now" at KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net to see where I've stood on the issues -- keeping my knees clean -- over the past decade.


dusty said...

I love your title..it says it all doesn't it?

Christopher King said...

It really does. I've never been one to mince too many words, but always polite and professional about it in a courtroom setting, but I am not always received with like courtesy:

Watch for that new movie (actually the first of several) on Justiceforkids.net by tomorrow I am told. You're going to see some amazing courtroom action. I can't wait.


plez... said...

Sad, but true! It's a shame that a drunken, obstinant, foul-mouthed white guy can get away with shit that a respectful, sober, and confident black man would get "Rodney King'd" for... Chris, what would happen if you pulled that stunt in New Hampshire? Do you think they'd be trying to cover up your arrest documents? Or trying to cover up that lynching your black ass would've receive?!?

jvt-plantem@gmx.com said...

Yeah what Mel did was a real shame.
But thats what happens when your surrounded by niggas and left wing fascists.
As a 26 year old negro man with an IQ of 75, I suggest we agree with him, rather than play the same old game of "Blame it on the White man".