08 July 2006

KingCast loves the military!

I bought this puppy with 1,200 miles on it in 1987 for $1,000 U.S. from a military guy who shit his pants after riding it. Nice kid, though, nice family. This is not the actual bike but I did find a grainy picture of mine with my Aunt Tootie from 1988!!!

The 1986 GS 550 ES was the best middleweight no doubt, IMHO better than the famed GPZ 550 if you like to twist that throttle open because with a 12.37 quarter it would outrun that damn Kawasaki -- trust me on that one :)

Today a modern 600cc sportbike makes 40 more horsepower but guess what? It's fun, but you don't really need all of that. Bike is bike. Get one. Ride it.

Blawg Yahtzee: Uncle Joe in two/parts.

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