10 July 2006

KingCast interviews Nashua would-be felon Michael Gannon.

As previously noted, he lives a stone's throw from a friend of mine. My impression is that he is a nice guy, even though a blogger or two have opined that he's "not a ideal citizen" and shit like that. Query, why not I ask? Because he calls the police to his house after a home invasion? Because he has bad-mouthed a cop on occasion, for crissakes? That's part of why we have a Constitution, right? That's why our men and women are dying in Iraq, right? To preserve these goddamn freedoms, right?

Anyway, three interesting things about this situation:
First, the "gun" that some folks are yapping about found in the home was reported stolen from Vermont several years ago and his son found it, rusted out in a stream. Big Whoop.
Second, the senior care center across the street has audio-visual cameras. When will Nashua PD swoop down on them, one must wonder.
Third, and most interesting, Nashua PD already had audio-visual tapes from the Gannon residence pursuant to a complaint he filed earlier about the neighborhood houligans -- which is why he bought the system in the first place, yo'.

So.... if the tape was so clearly a wiretap issue one must wonder why Nashua PD didn't communicate that to him from Jump Street, right? You know, from the git-go. Or is it only a wiretap issue when a cop is acting out of line and gets caught so doing?

Get it straight on Wednesday at your probable cause hearing, Mike. May see you there.

UPDATE: Three areas of discussion reveal a proposed Statutory Amendment:
1. NH Indy Media.
2. NH Underground #1
3. NH Underground #2

Blawg Yahtzee: Gannon #1, #2.


MELG said...

You are damn right!!!! He Is a great guy. I should know I am his little sister.He would give you the shirt off his back if you truly needed it. He fought for us now i think we should fight for him.
and thank you Chris King

Christopher King said...

Dear Mel:


Check out the continued coverage of your brother's case and my ridiculous NH case through these links right here.


...Didn't we live in NH because it was the "Live Free or Die" state?

I'll give a holler to have dinner or cocktail soon.


melg said...

Hi Chris,
I am tring to find Mike a real good lawyer to take the case and is not afraid to take on cityhall if you have any one in mind!! mike is looking at 21 years in prison if he loses this case. he has a public defender who is afraid!!!

Christopher King said...

Hit me up at:

christopherkingesq@yahoo.com and we'll take this offline. I have a couple of really good suggestions.

Times like this are the only times I hate that they stripped me of my license, because as you will see later tonight or tomorrow at Justiceforkids.net in the new movie "Then and Now," I didn't take any prisoners, that's for certain.

But I'll be more than happy to find you good counsel.


Christopher King said...

And when I do, one of the first things said counselor will do is advise Mike's detractors that prosecution is hardly mandatory in a situation like this.

Read the Nix. v. O'Malley case I linked in this blawg post: