12 July 2006

KingCast exposes former American Tower corporate shill.

Yeah Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips and I were the only 2 employees to earn $6,000 raises in 2002, and we were the first two to sue them in Federal Court, after I won the 2nd employee of the week award. I used to love them, but they deserved it. Learn more about American Tower right here. Chief Dunn: No figment of my imagination, jerk.

Chief: Your hate is horrible; Love is lovely.

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Christopher King said...

So some folks may ask, "Why you still hatin' on American Tower," and in fact Gloria Timmons, in her failed "stalking" hearing to make me shut down this blawg and KingCast.net:


...said I was "still extorting" from American Tower. Got that on CD.

So now I'll explain:

Fact: They used Mass Bar Ass't President Richard C. Van Nostrand to get away with bloody murder on spoliated sexually-suggestive emails from a Caucasian female manager to me. They avoided sanction of any kind even though I had asked for these emails prior to spoliation/purging, and offered to reconstruct the hard drive with our own money. Mass District 03-10904; Judge Lindsay let them get away with that, contrary to every single decision you read about spoliation.


Fact: They could have settled with me when they settled with Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips, but they dragged me over the coals for almost an entire year longer. Fine, no crime in that.

Fact: Pursuant to settlement, I had totally removed ATC from my blawg and KingCast and replaced them with "Babylon Energy" so that I could still tell my life story.

Fact: They lied to Chief Dunn about me being removed from American Tower, relative to my overtime complaint when they walked me out of the office 2 hours later. They said the police were required:


... Providing Chief Dunn the impetus to obtain and maintain a damn felony case against me for inappropriate conduct; you know he was going to try to use that against me as other acts in some way or another, duh.

... Which prompted me to put them back on my blawg and to obtain the movies from a 3rd party who had maintained them and put them up on KingCast.net.

And if that weren't enough, during the pendancy of the criminal case, they went to blogger, ex parte -- the same way they went to Middlesex Court in Boston to keep me from talking to employees -- to get them to remove posts about them from this blawg.

Too bad Blogger read the emails I shared with them -- that ATC and/or Van Nostrand had not -- and they restored those posts, pronto. Which meant that ATC's second attempt to vitiate my First Amendment Rights would not ultimately prove successful.


Bottom line, though: They didn't break any laws by freezing me out for a year longer than Ana, but they fucked themselves because now they're right up in here on the blog, and people read about them here each and every day, including the pending class action Securities Fraud Dep't of Justice subpoena and the derivative Class Action lawsuits for, inter alia backdating documents


And I know they backdate documents because they made me do it on several occasions.

There you go.


PS: Actually the real bottom line was that they didn't have to treat employees like dirt and threaten or actually reprimand me and other employees for asking for a refrigerator, a microwave, a building toxicology report or a fax machine -- to help them make more money!