13 July 2006

KingCast commends Louisiana NAACP for confronting cracker-assed Sheriff Jack Strain.

I told them this guy is a piece of.... work. Read what he said here at Political Switchboard about "dreadlocks" and "chee weez" hairstyles, and read where I also note that I'm pleased that the NAACP is actually doing something.
Something besides banning me from their chatrooms when I disagree with them, and ignoring a total of 3 First Amendment violations in the past year to which their leaders are subjected -- one of which was in Louisiana, ironically. Or perhaps not.

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Christopher King said...

Now I'm gonna beat NAACP down to the white meat:

Why is it that you gotta' have a Caucasian female be a strident voice for the community when you had in me an intelligent, articulate voice for the black (and larger) community ready, willing and able to do the same thing for you up in New Hampshire?

Hell I even get along with Caucasian Republicans:


And I never disrespected Chief Dunn or implied that he was a cracker-ass until he totally disrespected me, telling NAACP brass I was a "clearly disturbed individual" with "fantasies about my prior accomplishments," to which Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons gleefully concurred in her Deposition.

Well Chief, everything I say about my accomplishments -- including making you look like the asshole you are for bringing two felony counts that you dropped on the day of trial -- can be substantiated.

And I was a member of the Mayor's Ethnic Awareness Committee and respected in my community:


And as to the NAACP, don't lie and say you dumped me because NAACP doesn't sue or threaten to sue; we've been up and down that highway a thousand times with AAA driver and NAACP President Jerry Mondesier, coming up from Philadelphia to drive us home when we got lost:


You guys are horrible for black people, horrible for progressive politics and a bunch of candy-assed sellouts, and I am ashamed to say that I was ever associated with you.