16 July 2006

KingCast asks, "So you know Jerry Mondesier?"

Scene: My sister's kitchen, 6:05p 16 July 2006.
Actors: Her sorority friend and me. She's lived in Philadelphia for years; a successful black professional.

"What's that article there?"
"Oh, well it's something about Jerry Mondesier and the NAACP gettin' ready to sue some cops."
"What case?"
"It's the story on Thomas Jones' arrest back 5 years ago."
"I remember."
"Oh. You know Jerry?"
"Of course."
"Oh, well those [negroes] in Nashua NH sold out to a cracker-assed white cop; said NAACP doesn't sue..... ended up getting me indicted by a damn Grand Jury. It's foul."
"No, they didn't"
"Yes.... they did."
"Wow. Here's my phone and email address."
"Yeah, today's NAACP is shady."

Note: We're not really actors per se, but that is precisely how it went down. And there is much, much more about the NAACP I'm sitting on right now, just talking to folks involved. It is a white-hot powderkeg involving hundreds of people who are ready to bust on these [negroes] but good. More on this later.


Christopher King said...

This stock photo was not taken today. I put it here, however, for some of the assholes at Daily Kos, who are so pro-NAACP they started to -- get this -- put up drink and dinner recipies in order to avoid my substantive comments.

Kos contemporaries Whiskey blogger and Liberal Dose blogger hit the nail right on the head, noting how vain he is by naming his board after himself (what they accuse me of, ironically) and basically noted he is a tool of the establishment. Liberal Dose told them to "go fuck themselves." :)



So to the narrow-minded members of Daily Kos ("Kossacks," as they say) you can come get some of these ginger-panko scallops, fools. As you can see, I've got some on the left and some on the right. Let the left ones dangle in your mouths and make the right ones jealous.

Christopher King said...

He-heh. Actually the photo was taken almost exactly when Jerry made the comment:

"Well, if you're familiar with how these things generally work, the criminal matter will proceed on one track, while we begin to gather evidence as to his civil rights being denied during the beating. The physical injuries that were sustained that once he is out of the hospital we will get a medical report, we will get a description from his doctors, and we will bring a claim against unjust, excessive police abuse and force in this case."