27 July 2006

KingCast asks: Is Jaffrey all Dunn yet?

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Truth hits everybody
There's a new Sheriff in town -- and his name is Bill Oswalt. Jaffrey NH Police Chief Dunn, who can't buy a job to save his life, has taken a medical leave from his position and there is no date certain when he will return, reports the Peterborough Transcript and Bad Cop News.

"It is indefinite," said Town Selectman Chair Frank Sterling.

I suppose you want me to show some class here, right? Some measure of respect for the fallen? Well fuck that, not after the bullshit he's put me through. Pick a fight with me and I'll knock your ass out like Sonny Liston, foo'. I save the respect for former classmates like Tom Cole Hawken '81 or John Lenear, my Call & Post Editor -- who actually deserve it. I hope that hater Dunn and his sidekick Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons feel the pain, dammit. Got some good video coming this weekend to aid in that endeavor. But I wish his family all the best. It's not their fault he turned out to be such an albatross.

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Christopher King said...

...Take a look at my new toy it'll blow your head into a void....

I think the Police said it best, 25 years ago in today's sample song "Truth hits everybody" before anybody had even really conceived of a blog, or blawg per se.

Which is particularly funny given the band's CIA connections, you bet.

But a blog or a blawg is one heck of a toy, kind of like a powerful motorcycle;


......amateurs or those faint of heart need not apply: You might wind up in the hospital, or at least on medical leave.


Christopher King said...

Oh, before some Daily Kos idiot winds up in my blawg telling me I'm a conspiracy theorist, the CIA link to the Police is in this post:


It is not something that could be considered Obscured by the Clouds:



Christopher King said...

Cocky, arrogant, all that stuff yes I am, but mostly just an assertive black man with a decent education.

And a damn good employee:


So you can call me cocky, arrogant and whatever stupid shit you want to say; just don't call me a criminal -- because I'm not: