13 July 2006

KingCast applauds Sony for pulling "white" PSP ad.

Yeah, this particular image I must say fails the "smell test." Anyone who reads this blawg knows one of my brother-in-laws (and webhost) is Caucasian, as are most of my best friends who support me in the ridiculous, disintegrating Jaffrey Chief Dunn/NAACP "Extortion" case against me. Read projected Court syllabus here. So I'm not pulling the race card in saying that this particular billboard is racially insensitive, at best. And I would say the same thing if it were reversed.

But read this interesting counterpoint at Marc Rust blog, from Indiana, where I lived and worked as a reporter for a while.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Calling it as we see it, in multimedia.


Anonymous said...

Racist? WTF? How?

If it was a new yellow, black, brown, or red PSP, I wouldn't be offended, being white, how in the world can anyone be offended by this?

I like that ad...

Marc said...

I wouldn't call my post a "counterpoint", at all. I think it was a STUPID ad, for the obvious reasons.

My point was, the damn media keeps trying to manipulate our perceptions and feelings, just for their purient interest. Cause a controversy, get some people watching your news segments.

Most of the people who watch the stories about this PSP thing, on their nightly news Crash-TV segments, don't realize there is always another way to look at life, other than the one that is portrayed on your TV set.

The world is more than what you see served up for you, while you enjoy your evening supper, from the comfort of your living room. That was my true point. Even if I went the long way around.

Thanks for the link! I'll be reading your place now, during my web watching habits.

Christopher King said...

Well, as I say, given the historic portrayal (at least the last several hundred years) of black folks being less glamorous and less desirable than white folks, this ad just walks over the line to me -- even though Marc Rust makes a good counterpoint as noted.

But even in said counterpoint, view the pics and notice how the white female is the glam.

And what I said about me feeling the same way if the roles were reversed is true.

I could be over sensitive right now; thinking of all the times I've had to advise black folks who put their homes on the market to get that black shit outta' there. Even tasteful Harlem Renaissance pieces will keep your house unsold for many a day, in almost any part of the country, especially in more monied and white areas.

You take it out and your house sells. My cousins and others in my family have gone through it and they are all clean-cut high-Beacon scoring corporate professionals.

As Earth, Wind and Fire said, "That's the way.... of the World. Child is born... with a heart of gold.... way of the World... makes his heart grow cold....."

Sometimes I am that child. Gotta resist being that way every day though.


Christopher King said...

This one is for Marc, whose comment appeared a split second before my reply to mbm.

You are correct, counterpoint is not exactly the right word, and I totally agree with your comment about media manipulation. Ben Bagdikian, Robert McChesney and others have all spoken on that.

And that is exactly how Chief Dunn and the NAACP tried their work on me, with a Press Conference shown on WMUR -- represented by the NAACP lawyers, coincidentally -- that had all of my friends and associates at the local watering hole asking me "hey man are you really going down?" when come to find out, their case is all bullshit but they put me through a year of hell and still counting. At least I get a book and some kind of movie out of it =^.)

I just wonder how the whole ad campaign, stupid or not, was designed to show.

Time for a new blog on the roll; you're in.


Anonymous said...

I see it now... Believe it or not, all I saw was the white chick, PSP, and the words... Contrast on Dell's welfare/entry level analog flatscreens leave much to be desired... Sucks using someone else's PC :(

Christopher King said...


Which brings up an interesting point:

What if they just took the brown sister out all together?

We wouldn't have this issue, the ad would still work, and we would get to look at a hot model =^.)

Folks need to do more consulting with me before they issue these ads. I can help them with model selection as well.