12 July 2006

KingCast and Justice for Kids present: Loretta Heard thrashing Columbus School Board President Mary Jo Kilroy.

Yeah, Mary Jo, we used-ta' drink beers and stuff, but now I agree with well-respected School Board members Bill Moss and Loretta Heard, this time where Heard is about to tell the World, in video, that you as a Columbus School Board President were "creating a very bad taste in mouth of the black community" for calling the police to stand behind -- and to threaten -- public speakers who complained about the school district.

Jerry Doyle actually won a case that I started because of your unlawful, hegemonic viewpoint-based prior restraint policy and practice. Ironically, your successor -- a black man -- has done no better and perhaps worse.

Remember how I sued your ass for First Amendment violations when you truncated my 3 minutes of Public Participation while I was trying to inquire about Mr. Hurt's son's broken nose, that went unreported, kind of like the Valentine's Day massacre at West High School, or like the gang rape of the black girl at Mifflin High School? And remember how that Judge threw it all out to protect you guys so you could finish fucking me over as a Columbus Attorney, even though Mr. Moss and Mrs. Heard testified in my favor? Yeah, I remember all of that.


Christopher King said...

Oh, yeah:

In this, ummm, seminal post:


....about No-confidence vote garnering CPS Supe Gene Harris and her wasted PhD, I note that I told Mary Jo back in the Day:

"Your job is to sit in that chair and take it,"

....regarding her attempts to dodge the deluge aimed at her from concerned parents and other community activists who, ummmm.... stood firm before her.

Well since she didn't take it then, she can take it now, as she sits on her government-sponsored dais next week when we bust the new video while the whole World takes turns getting to know her more, ummmm....intimately.

In Love and War, you get what you give, honey.

So glad I could share my Love after all these years =^.)

Christopher King said...

What I just told the Kilroy Congressional campaign headquarters:
Here's all the feedback you need, Sugar:



You f*cked with me 7 years ago and I'm just returning the favor.

Would you like a signed DVD when we're finished?

Perhaps you can just pick one up at Deborah Pryce's office when we send it to her.

Guess that'll learn ya' to f*ck with me, you little hater, you :)

Christopher King said...

At one point my client Sherrie Mustafa says to Kilroy:

"Why don't you do something Mary Jo?..... What are you just gonna' have everybody arrested?"

Then Board member Karen Schwarzwalder chimes in for Kilroy and says that people are coming down just to hear their voices, implication being that folks have

a) nothing better to do with their time and

b) nothing legitimate to complain about.

Got it all on video.