20 July 2006

Hey KingCast, why you so mad?

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That's what some say, you know, like Biggie's Mad Rapper. But really I'm not. Just put me around some pretty ladies on a scooter, or with a camera, right and I'm fine. All quite a-muse-ing. Duh.

Speaking of rap, here's a bit in NH Indy media about my law school thesis on rap and feminism -- the real common ground about two social protest movements that got co-opted, as some smart members of daily kos noted. And some other interesting observations on hip-hop from blogger Area 4:51.

Blawg Yahtzee: Lovers and haters.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Spittin' mad knowledge about Ken Blackwell.


Christopher King said...

Speaking of mad, Chief Dunn's Civil Suit attorney Charlie Bauer -- who stopped in for a visit today:

Jul 20 2006
07:52:47 12 RanSpell.com Win XP Explorer 800x600 English CONCORD, NH

.....has no reason to be mad at me, and here's why:

No matter what I say about his courtroom antics, and no matter what video we have that buttresses my claims, he still secured a beneficial outcome for his clients.

So he can safely say that even though he and Prosecutor Albrecht and Chief Dunn tried to get my bail revoked using his Notice of Appearance that wasn't even sent to my residence, and despite the fact that he lied about my discovery responses that were clearly adequate:


.....he's still worth hiring!

So when I see people reach my blawg by a google search like this one:


I'm just happy to know that I'm helping him secure more clients for Ransmeier & Spellman =^.)

Peace, Charlie. Even though you didn't shake my hand:


BTW Charlie, don't take offense that I called you a goddamn liar because recently admitted where for once I actually was a goddamn liar as well, about the case that got me suspended. Here's my acknowledgement:


Christopher King said...

Nah, he ain't mad.... 'cos he came back to holla' again a lil' bit later:

Jul 20 2006
13:33:01 13 RanSpell.com Win XP Explorer 800x600 English CONCORD, NH

Area 4:51 said...

Heh heh, thanks for the mention. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've added you to my blogroll links if it's any consolation. aNyhow, keep doing your thing.

Christopher King said...

Yeah I need to add you and two others to mine as well. You're spitting some good knowledge over there yourself.

Things get so busy sometimes you forget to blogroll somebody, but we cannot be neglectful in this time of economic and spiritual oppression.

I'll keep on doin' my thing; can't wait for you to see the new movie tonight at Justiceforkids.net.