03 June 2006

KingCast site of the day: Copwatch video.

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Stupid hater
"It's a process of acclimating [police] to our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution," notes a Copwatch founder. Watch the 6-minute video, and note that KingCast.net is extending that process of acclimatization to the Courthouse -- where NH Supreme Court Justice Gary E. Hicks, considered by many to be a progressive Jurist, denied our cameras in "open"/court.

Suggested viewing: KingCast's "A Day in Nashua," showing us get locked out of another Nashua, NH court, even though I did kick NAACP Nashua President Timmons' ass when she tried to get this blawg and my website shut down. The First Amendment-based JPEG'd decision is right here, but frankly the World public should have been allowed to watch that Civil Rights "leader" actually argue for a restriction of Civil Liberties on video. She is the new Uncle-Tomist face of the NAACP, calling white folks who run New Hampshire "crackers" when ain't nobody but us nigguh's lookin'-- then gettin' her knees dirty with a bent-up back for the massuh' when it really counts.

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