26 June 2006

KingCast reflects on Daily Kos, NAACP and Democratic Party.

Kos and some of his henchmen can't stand the fact that I criticize the NAACP, so they kicked me off of their little board, just as they did to Liberal Dose blogger, who then told them to "go fuck themselves."

And they did it despite the fact that in a legal matter I blawg about you can clearly see that the NAACP lied. Background here and here. See, the NAACP and the Democratic Party are virtually synonymous. In fact, the NAACP and Kennedys got in legal, ethical trouble; NAACP Legal Fund Director Elaine R. Jones had to resign, you bet.

But Kos is all about the Democratic Party though, as Whiskey Bar blogger notes:
"He wants to be a mover and shaker in the party establishment; I regard the party establishment as -- at best -- useful idiots. And that's stretching it. Most of them are just idiots, period.... To be perfectly honest, my impression is that Kos the blogger has long since been swallowed up by Kos the aspiring politician. I would say he's sold out, but Kos has never, to my knowledge, claimed to be anything other than a Democratic (big and little d) political activist. Which is probably why we haven't corresponded in years."

I'm with Whiskey Bar blogger on this one: I've worked for Jesse 1984 and I've worked for Dick Gephardt 2004 but I'll never sell my soul to anyone.

"You know, for some reason I find it particularly rancid that Markos named his blog after himself," wrote another blogger at Buckeyestate blog.

Blawg Yahtzee:
A: Lovers and Haters.

B: Look what else Daily Kos missed, while I caught them destroying stories about me: #1 -- on my case & #2 -- on a political arrest of a former client of mine who has been featured in a Freedom Forum article for a case that I actually initiated. Still they be hatin' on me. Interesting. Let me be clear, not all of them are this way, however. Some actually have brains of their own, #1 & #2.

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: We don't give a shit what Party you're from, as long as you like children, Justice, and the First Amendment.

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