20 June 2006

KingCast presents: A word about Jaguars.

The new Jaguar XK is out of control; right off the damn hiz-ook. Maybe they have fixed the Lucas Electronic reliability issues, part Jaguar's fault anyway because Lucas built-to-spec. Of course, for the price of a small bungalow in Cleveland one would hope that they could engineer a sweet ride, even if it is not as pretty as an Aston Martin. My fave Jaguars, however, were the D-Type racer and the XK with the funky hatch door. What a beautiful car; it gots a nice arse. Anyway, when my friend's father (the one flippin' the bird) flipped us the keys to a late 80's XJ6 for one of my sisters' weddings -- in 1990 mind you -- my girlfriend and I hopped in, grabbed mom and pop, and the goddamned thing temporarily didn't start! Seriously.


Brian said...

How dare you utter such blasphemous lies against Lucas, the English Lord of Darkness!

You obviously haven't experienced sudden and total darkness on a twisty back road while moving in excess of 80MPH - otherwise you'd be a believer.

Consider the fact that 99% of the time, wipers, brake-lights, turn-signals, radio, etc. aren't necessary anyway.

It's just that damned Lucas ignition, or the wiring harness that suddenly erupts in flames and consumes a vehicle...

May Lord Lucas piss on your grave.


Christopher King said...

He-heh... actually one my Bimmers (the tii on the bottom of this post, with Gloria and Melanie lookin' like whodunnit and whatfor) caught on fire:


Here's how: One of those lovely connecting rods to the throttle linkage mit der Kugelfisher diesel pump.... err finely German engineered fuel pump -- fell off and landed on a hot lead, IIRC it was the starter.

Thank goodness for those folks on the VA Beach highway patrol who were quick to respond with a tow, a smoke and a few BMW 2002 stories of their own =^.)

Anonymous said...

I parted out a 1988 Jaguar recently. What an electrical nightmare! The '88 - although the body was reasonable was sacrificed because its parts (which are obsenely expensive) were needed for another Jaguar. We pulled the motor, tranny and diff. The doors were salvaged, the sunroof and interior was saved and once stripped to a shell, the rest of it went to the crusher in Manchester. I did notice that all of those relays in the trunk are the exact same relays used in the old VW Bug. For the $500 that was paid for the whole car (and it was running and driving), parting it out was worth it in the sum of its parts.

Christopher King said...

Yeah, YMMV but with an old Jag, whatever mileage you got was typically aided by your own shoe leather as you pushed that beast to the nearest petrol station for some kind of repair!