21 June 2006

KingCast presents: Vote of 'No Confidence' for Superintendent Gene Harris and Due Process, Columbus Public School style.

When I was a licensed, practicing attorney in Columbus, my answering machine (remember those?) at one point said:
"Hi. If you are black, a woman, poor, gay, handicapped or a white person without substantial financial means and living in Columbus, chances are that your Civil Rights are being violated right now, and you may not even know it. But thanks for calling me, because we'll set the record straight -- even if no one wants to admit it."
Truer words never were spoken, and such is still the case in Columbus Schools. Read this Due Process follow up email noting, inter alia, that my school board attorney nemesis Giselle Johnson, Esq. -- whom I believe is facing at least two pending Bar Complaints from the people involved in the situation as complaining party and advocates -- is still presiding over this case.

Read here about the "unprecedented" Teacher's Union "No Confidence vote" against Superintendent Gene Harris for, inter alia:

"Failure to maintain competent leadership at every school."

Read about the $200K misappropriation conviction of administrator Shirley Bird Long here in section 2, and see how they locked Jerry Doyle up for complaining about it. BTW she got no jail time and a $40/mo. payment plan from stateside Judge Cain, whose head you see flippantly dismissing me in the Lemaster v. Bank One case, in a KingCast short film "American Lawyer 1." He went on to issue me a $5,000 sanction without an evidentiary hearing. We've got his evidentiary hearing on video, however.

And don't look to the Federal Courts to do much about it, either except shoot the messenger (Minnis).

KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net: Crazy about Justice; sick and tired of the bullshit.


Anonymous said...

I had been writing for the last 15 minutes on Giselle Johnson having the nerve to come back in a parent's life to continue her criminal behavior then I lost the text. So, I'll just sum it up. Giselle Johnson should be in jail. She is the epitomy of a white collar criminal cloaked in respectability, but no better than the common criminal on the street. "Nothing worse than wasted talent."

And where is the woman she covered up and threw it all away for, still sitting in her job. But it looks like Ms. Perkins is on her !!?>*. Look out Mary Ey and Giselle Johnson, from where JFK sits, you've definitely got something to think about!! I wonder who will "rat" on who first?!?

Christopher King said...

I've got some interesting footage of her in one of my First Amendment Court trials against CPS, and she basically avoids giving us a copy of the official board policy on speaking, if I recall correctly.

I look at her at one point and say "well, counsel, did you hear me or not... don't look at me like I've got three heads... can we have the policy?"

Later on, after Columbus got rid of me, Judge Graham found that the board was violating Prior Restraint and Viewpoint-Based First Amendment principles by not allowing people to name names when issuing a complaint at board meetings.

Google "Jerry Doyle" and "Freedom Forum" to read up on that.

We'll deal with Giselle Johnson in cinema verite at a time appropriate; show folks how the Columbus machine really works.


Anonymous said...

This is why some of us parents went with a charter school. I also have my youngest attending a charter school through my home on his own computer that the school provided. He even gets a check for going to school once a month. I only have to read e-mails. It is great! I'm used to Giselle now. She has been fighting me for 2 years now. I know how she works with her acme law degree. She is like the coyote and now I'm the roadrunner. Bring it on Giselle! I'm ready. I have some new case laws and I'm ready for you this time. Thanks for the help Chris!

Trish Perkins

Christopher King said...

Dig that. My folks and a very generous family (Cleveland's Dr. Stanley and Janet Hoerr, RIP) saw to it that I had better schooling at Hawken. She was admissions director at the time '72 and helped get some financial aid. I think Hawken is like $18K/yr. now for high school. Ouch.



As to Giselle and company, you could be the sorriest lawyer in the world if you worked for the system in Columbus and get over. I remember former Senator Bowen, in a case you can see on KingCast where Judge Sheward bellows at me in "American Lawyer 1" -- didn't even bring any exhibits to court, but I guess since he knew we were tennis buddies he could just lean over my shoulder and use mine!

As to why he got away without ever filing a damn pretrial statement of facts and issues, well..... whatever. He knew Sheward would throw that case and he did dismiss it on directed verdict (it was a whistleblower case against Oakfield Convalescent), causing jurors to ask me in the hallway "what happened."

It was a good case. Jerry Doyle starts protesting with pickets about danger, Jerry gets fired. Jerry sees to it that a complaint was filed witha regulatory agency, and they got sanctioned to some degree IIRC. Jerry had no serious issues prior to that. WTF??

Then there was Franklin County Mental Retardation & Development; Lewis Gray and I got them sanctioned for condoning piss parties with the residents.

Crazy town, that Columbus.

Christopher King said...

PS: To be clear on the piss parties at Franklin County MR-DD:

They weren't condoned by the Department, they were created by a dangerous white man, and my client, a black man, busted on them. Thank goodness that people at the reviewing board actually gave a shit. That shocked the Department to no end :)

Prior to his whistleblowing commentary he had no problems at work. Then, problems. I managed to get them to pay off half a year of his salary.

Anonymous said...

I just got a call from the Ms. Mary Ey, the person who calls herself the Columbus Public School District, and she indicated that she was responding to my letter to Dr. Harris. She said that they will not do an extension for my resolution session, but they do want me to consider to agree to mediation. I think they are scared. I told her that I want my resolution session and she said that they would not agree, therefore I told her that I would not agree to mediation. I am going to send this blog and all of this to Gene Harris and see what she does this time. This ought to catch somebody's eye. Why do they want to mediate but not agree to a resolution session. Isn't this the same thing or is it they don't want to be criminally charged and sued for anything?

Trish Perkins

Christopher King said...

I don't think they can force you to mediation. Tell her you want to see the rules that purport to give them the authoritaaaay to compel you to do that.

Make them play by their own rules; get burned by their own rules.

I'm putting this to the top of the blawg as I go to work.

Let's take the power back.

Heck yeah, send this blawg to everybody. I hope you and your child get what you need, plus it's therapeutic for me :)


Christopher King said...

People need to stop being scared of The Man. The more people speak up using the power of new media and the Internet the less vulnerable people like me will be.

Together we really can change the World, one step at a time.

They haters hate that.

Now I'm going to ride that motorbike, grab some sushi and take my narrow black ass to work.


Anonymous said...

The reason Superintendent Harris had Mary Ey call the mother was because Mary Ey is in the one that has her arse in a sling, but Mary Ey can't even save herself; therefore, Ms. Harris has a problem. Mary Ey wants the mother to have mediation because mediation cannot be taped but Giselle Johnso, God Bless her heartless soul, wrote a letter to another parent stating she could tape the "Resolution Session" but that's when she thought she would still have the $110,000 salary with perks. Anyway, since Giselle Johnson had left them with a letter stating the parent can tape, they had no choice but to allow the other parent to tape. So what do they do, tell the parent she can't have a "resolution session" newly implemented into federal and state law under IDEA July 2005. Well, to not allow a parent to have the opportunity to have further resolution session is fraud. Our taxpayer dollars are going to district's specifically to hold these sessions with parents as a way to resolve issues. Mary Ey, just like Giselle, belongs in jail. What a coward Gene Harris is? Harris, come out, come out, wherever you are and face the public and explain to us why you decided to turn our district into your own personal playground?!? Respond to the parent, Gene Harris, it's your job as a public servant. The President of the school board, even though he arrogantly thinks he doesn't, is supposed to call back and so are you!!! It is not a VOLUNTEER job and you do get PAID, another fact the president of our school board was clueless on.

Mary Ey and Giselle Johnson have been obstructing Ms. Perkins rights regarding the education of her children too long. They're just stupid, stupid, stupid and that makes them dangerous, dangerous, dangerous!!!

Christopher King said...

Another day on the Columbus Plantation:


Gotta' go. I have a certain Yamaha that misses my narrow black ass.


Anonymous said...

You need to go back to Columbus, King. It is your destiny. Perhaps get a slice of that check, the charter school bonus.

Christopher King said...

I know. I think it's best to make the virtual visit, first.

Wouldn't that be a hoot if I ran for school board?

And won?


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