15 June 2006

KingCast presents: A visit from Mike Royko in Jaffrey/Chief Dunn/NAACP case.

Below follows what I just told the Keene Sentinel about the third reason I need a correction, as reflected by this blawg entry. My film maker just emailed me to note that my assertions can be verified. Lord, don't make me push the false light button out here:

Dear Cecily and all Sentinel Staff: Please note item #3, concerning the fact that the Court itself had mentioned the possibility of a Jury trial because of the first late amendment.

I apologize up front if my tone is a bit strident. But this is my life and my reputation; the record needs to be right. As a former editor and reporter and pugilist, you know I'm not going to let go of this until things are addressed. Now I know why some lawyers are loathe to talk to the media. I've never been that way, and I have had relatively good success getting my points across.

My (and Wilbon's) idol, Mike Royko got it straight through my Ohio Tattoo client, for example, exactly ten (10) years ago. Too bad ultimately the corrupt administrative agency -- ironically my former client Ohio Civil Rights Commission screwed us. When I was an AAG, I helped screw Ohio workers out of their livelihoods with James Barnes, Cheryl Nester, Sharon Tassie, etc.

Hearing Examiner Frank Martens, Esq., ignored our First Amendment claim that you cannot force an artist to paint a bad canvas by claiming our client did not know the client had a poorly-healing tattoo already because of active HIV/AIDS. At p. 91 of the Civil Rights Commission Transcript I think it was, Adam said "I came over and gave the matter my full attention," as someone else in his studio was administering the tattoo to Mr. Dobbins.

In other words, as I argued,
"I cannot pull up to Maaco and tell someone to paint my rusty Jetta if it is so pockmarked that they couldn't warrant the product as to merchantibility, fitness to specific purpose, etc..... if they tell me 'Sorry, Mr. King you drive a bucket,' I cannot then say 'Hey it's 'cos I'm black.'"
Anyway, I was ultimately correct on what the goddamn law should have been in the first place, and there is not one scintilla of doubt about that. See RC. 3730.02.

KingCast.net: About to show what really happened up in that courtroom. And Daily Kos, most of you can kiss my narrow black ass, what with your disappearing stories and whatnot. Shame on you. And I'm not the first to say that: A Liberal Dose blog told you to "go fuck yourselves."

Again, that's a fact, Jack!


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Christopher King said...

Is there something after the "839?"

I tried the cut/paste but didn't get anything. I'll go to Kos now and see.

Contrary to some beliefs, I haven't posted nor have I had a thing to do with the site since the tyranny of the majority kicked me off.

Too bad, because there are some Good Folks there.


Anonymous said...

They are pretty much mocking you, not unlike the criminal hung on the cross to Christ's right mocked him. In absentia, you still get a laugh. Nice.

Christopher King said...

Back in the 90's our standard phrase around Stauf's Coffee Roasters where my girlfriend and friends all worked was:


"You mock me because you fear me."

I doubt anyone at Kos fears me, nor do I fear them.

Thing is, they are more sanctimonious than I ever have been because I know my voice doesn't mean anything; they think theirs does.

Funny they still follow up on me whereas the only time I give a shit about them is when I see a tracksy hit from there.

Poseur-assed liberals.


Anonymous said...

I agree with emphasis more on the "being right instead of doing the right thing". Some are such total rule nerds.