12 June 2006

KingCast presents the Trojan Horse: Duped, Sandbagged and covered in yogurt.

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Duped 8:52a.
With all due respect Your Honor, Prosecutor Albrecht did indeed dupe me into leaving behind my guaranteed right to a Jury, and you can hear that in this audioblawg made at a time contemporaneous to the duping. I agreed to it "no brainer" I say with respect to a reduced charge of Class B Misdemeanor, (down from Attempted Felony Extortion) but then after that he added the Common Law Contempt charge to try to prosecute me for violating an arguably Overbroad Ohio Court Order. That's foul, Your Honor. Usually whenever I talk to Ben Delianis I don't tell him specifics of my case in the event he talks to his mother. This time I will, because I want her and the entire Free World to know the type of abuse that the State of New Hampshire has engaged in thoroughout this case. If she (along with Judge Hicks) have to recuse if this goes upstairs so be it.

I told Keen Sentinel's Melanie Plenda all about that yesterday, when I told her:
"no way would I have agreed to this if they had brought both new charges at the same time. Albrecht is a seasoned prosecutor and he knew that I would never have accepted the deal if he brought both of these charges at the same time."
Meanwhile, Albrecht wooed Reporter Plenda with lunch:
"Usually I eat yogurt but I'll buy you anything you want," he said.

I hope he wasn't trying to buy a story with that lunch, but after yesterday I certainly wouldn't put it past him.

Albrecht said yesterday in chambers, "I've been considering the case..."

Dude, you've been "considering" this case ever since I wrote you three times to ask to come before the Grand Jury to show how much the NAACP was lying, so you strategized this all along, after empaneling a Jury to see if I would flinch.

I didn't flinch, now you pull this nonsense, which is even worse than the nonsense you've been pushing all along, including getting a continuance based on Chief Dunn's Perjury-filled Deposition then refusing to provide it to the Court, and forced my attorney to spend time, money and resources to make you provide it, which finally occurred. Anyway, the Jurors filing out were not pleased. They were like, "WTF???"

The Supreme Court will react the same way when I'm finished with you: Either you give me the deal you tricked me into -- i.e. the Class B misdemeanor -- or you call that goddamn Jury back on the Felony Extortion charge, right now, bubba.

I stand my ground.

PS: The Court said that it may have been inclined to grant a Jury anyway because of the late nature of the Amendment. My point is that if the Court may have done so for one late Amendment, it definitely should do so now that there are two late Amendments!

PPS: The Court said no jail time and Albrecht agreed to that, so my arse is more comfortable, but what they want is me not to be able to practice law again, which is ridiculous. And the NAACP -- on Actual Notice that "racism, ignorance and reactionary politics" played a role in the suspension in the first place, according to tenured law professor Lou/Jacobs -- is helping them, instead of ever lifting a finger to help me get the license back! They suck.

PPS2: According to NH v. Nott (Lebannon, 2003):
"The purpose of criminal contempt is to punish a defendant for violating an order....."
So now they are going to punish me for doing what the goddamn NAACP is supposed to do, i.e. issue a Demand Letter on behalf of a victim of police abuse. And remember, I can prove that I told all of them about said Demand Letter when I produced it in the first place. Nice.

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Anonymous said...

What's the deal, dude? Bench or jury trial?

Christopher King said...

I am about to explain. Prosecutorial misconduct is involved.


Anonymous said...

How is the Route 22 gig going?

Anonymous said...

OK, So I spoke with Albrecht and the story is that in their hearts they could not send a delusional person such as yourself to prison for a non-violent crime. The contempt charge is to put on the record for future jurists the history of (no pun intended)histrionics and Quixotic courtroom shenanigans in the hopes of keeping you away from the frivilous lawsuit industry. Besides he felt it would not be a problem as you have stated that you do not intend to recover a valid license. I think he misjudged you, and I thought taking a crack at sending you to get your stools pushed in was the right course. He had nothing personal against you until the new allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. I told him "Bill, no good deed goes unpunished", and he laughed. He is meeting with the Judge over drinks on Thursday at their club, I hope they can work something out that will move you along to another jurisdiction, where you will be someone else's problem.

Note: Parody.

Christopher King said...

Oh, I certainly don't want to be a part of the frivilous lawsuit industry, and I think the Department of Labor concurred with me on that with American Tower Corp:


A company now facing a Department of Justice Subpoena for securities fraud:


And whether I personally want the license back or not is a different question from whether I will let an unfounded attack from New Hampshire actually prevent me from obtaining same.

Not to mention having a conviction for any kind of crime on my record. WTF you gotta be kidding me. As I told Albrecht, I don't do crimed, I report them:


Can't wait to catch the NAACP and Chief Dunn perjury live though, whenever we do have a trial.

Lastly, as to whether the Judge and the Prosecutor are having drinks, I wonder if that would upset the pH balance in Prosecutor Albrecht's digestive tract, you know, from his yogurt lunch invite extended to Reporter Plenda.


BTW I linked a Buford Pusser site a long time ago on this blawg, just click on "chrome-domes,"


...from 9 January 2006 -- wherein I also prove that I told State Childrens' Services Director Sylvia Gale that I wasn't licensed and then directly networked her with the NAACP..... Sure, I was trying to hide it. Yep. Whatever you say, Gloria, Chief Dunn, Mr. Prosecutor. Whatever you say.

Parody or not? I say we call a jury back and let them decide. Maybe they can vote to send Chief Dunn to get his poop pushed in, sua sponte style.

Maybe they can just smote him a few blows right 'cross his noggin' if we can get a hold of that infamous Pusser cracker-beater, eh?

Lastly, spend some time at the MST3K site "dedicated" to Joe Don Baker. It's a hoot.


Anonymous said...

So you are to only one who can write a bunch of jive and then opt out with a Parody line. Nice.

Christopher King said...

Oh I wasn't jivin' -- ever since I offered Albrecht Title for Title I've been resolute:


Everything in the underlying post is accurate and Verizon can prove I made that blogger call at 8:52a.


Anonymous said...

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