02 June 2006

KingCast presents: Those five years Chief Dunn is searching for.

Yeah Chief Dunn you try to make me appear to be a criminal in some of your paperwork, even stating to the brass at NAACP in this hateful email "I wonder what we will find when we search those five states you moved into and out of in the past 5 years."

Well you jack-booted Nazi whom the town can't wait to get rid of, what you found between 2000-2005 is me trying to find ways for companies like American Tower to make more money, then realizing that they were creeps after actualizing a career goal I had to work for them -- as you can clearly see in the storyline between the left and middle JPEG images above. I never sued an employer until I moved to New England and dealt with American Tower. Of course the Department of Labor agreed with me on overtime wages to the tune of $300K and now American Tower is facing a goddamn Department of Justice subpoena for securities fraud. Watch the movies American Lawyer II and III at KingCast.net.

And what you found between fall, 2002 and 2005 is that I lived in the same goddamn zip code for three straight years, all the prior movement coming because that's what people did who worked in telecommunications in the 90's and early 2000's -- not because I was engaged in some sort of criminal enterprise. What a jackass.

Then there is still that issue as to whether you or American Tower is responsible for falsely telling known or anticipated 3rd parties that a police escort was required to remove me from the building when I requested overtime pay. American Tower's attempts, Judge Arnold's attempts and your attempts and to demonize me or to make me sound unprofessional will prove quite fruitless, vato. And getting some of the sellout negroes at the NAACP to hop over to your side won't change that.

See you at trial, Marty.

PS: When you get there, have an explanation as to how I was going to cash the check that you would have signed in the name of "Willie Toney and the NAACP," so that I could abscond with the money. What, like I would have forged treasurer Arnold R. Ware's name or something? But remember, I don't forge names -- I report people who forge my name, then the goddamn NH Attorney General commits criminal negligence by failing to act on it.

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