19 June 2006

KingCast presents: Syllabus of the Court, NH/Jaffrey Chief Dunn v. NAACP.

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NH Case No. 666:

Held: The sending of a Demand Letter by the NAACP constitutes the Unauthorized Practice of Law, regardless of NAACP v. Button, or NAACP v. Claiborne. It matters not that Defendant organization sought licensed counsel on several occasions as contemplated by Button.

Held: The sending of a Demand Letter by the NAACP constitutes attempted theft, regardless of NAACP v. Button, or NAACP v. Claiborne.

Held: One non-attorney NAACP member can threaten to sue over an individual case of alleged police brutality, but another member, by dint of suspended law license, becomes a damn criminal for so doing.

Held: A Man of Good Character, as investigated by State Police as a duly-licensed notary and licensed Title Insurance Producer, becomes a criminal presto, even though State Statute Chapter 311 provides that anyone of Good Character may occasionally represent anyone in New Hampshire. It matters not -- again -- that he may not have even been practicing law by merely sending a Demand Letter and shopping the case to licensed attorneys.

Held Further: Despite clear and convincing evidence that Willie Toney offered to pay the Nashua NAACP chapter 15% of his proceeds if successful, and despite the fact that Nashua NAACP President Gloria Timmons and Chief Dunn have both lied like rugs under Oath, we are going to nail that rat bastard King so he can never practice law, or threaten any more establishment types ever again. That is the least we can do to maintain our legacy as the last State in Union to respect Martin Luther King.
fn 1. See, if I get convicted of anything by a Judge or a Jury, that will have to be the finding of the NH Supreme Court if the conviction is to be upheld.

As the Pointer Sisters will tell you, "I'll take you there."

Later today or tomorrow we discuss the milestones of the past year of operation, including KingCast, JusticeforKids.net, and the faux liberals at Daily Kos. Thurgood Marshall is rolling in his grave because of the sellout, poo-butt niggas of today's NAACP, but as we know he had a sense of humor, we'll spin him the other way with our upcoming comedy film.

Blawg yahtzee: Former Boston NAACP Prez. Louis Elisa, as per today's audioblawg.

KingCast.net: 21st Century Civil Rights.

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