11 June 2006

KingCast presents: Ordinary People.

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We just do the best we can; can't do any more or less.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to Laconia for a visit to bike week?

Christopher King said...

No, can't make it. Broke and busy responding to prosecutorial misconduct that duped me into agreeing to the amended charge that does not automatically give me a Jury Trial.

When I agreed to it, the prosecutor pulled another charge of common law contempt out of his ass that he had thoroughly planned to do over the course of the past year.

He is a seasoned prosecutor, as I told the Keene Sentinel yesterday, so I know he planned that. Listen to my state of mind in the post above this one.

Then they give us 3 business days to respond and then the state gets 10 to respond to that.

They said they aren't looking for jail time, so my asshole is relieved, but what they are looking to do is to remove any real chance of me practicing law again -- and the NAACP -- who received a copy of a letter from Constitutional Law guru and my court appointed mentor Lou Jacobs that noted "racism, ignorance and reactionary politics" played a role in my suspension...


....now has done zero to help me get my license back, but is now actively engaged in trying to keep me from ever getting it again.

What a bunch of sellout niggers they really are.

Especially gheri-curl assed Boston President Lenny Alkins, to whom I sent a copy of the Demand Letter the day after I wrote it. If there was a problem why didn't he fucking say so?

Anonymous said...

The felony would have had you flipping burgers for the rest of your days. Good luck with the rest of this, but the felony is off the table, and that is good.

Anonymous said...

The strawberry blonde has a healthy glow to her. I imagine a lot of aerobic exercise and protein shakes.

Christopher King said...

Atticus: True that, but I didn't commit that. Now let's see what my Lexis-Westlaw research reveals about these remaining matters, including this incredibly (reverse) long-arm statute-style contempt proceeding, as well as the elements thereto.

"Draft no legal instruments?"

Please. Columbus Bar Association was aware for years that I was doing leases in telecom, for one. Is a lease a "legal instrument?"

Can a brother get a damn job doing anything, such as opening a title company where he became a licensed notary and licensed title insurance producer and drafted deeds? Can he volunteer for a damn Civil Rights Organization for crissakes?

Where does one draw the line for crissakes?

And testimony from at least two lawyers will reveal that I approached them to use the Demand Letter in a pleading (read: Civil Rights Complaint).

The Complaint becomes the "legal instrument," dammit. The fact that the NAACP was concerned about the abuse is merely a piece of evidence showing Mr. Toney's attempts to resolve the matter, and an attachment to a "legal instrument."

Lastly, I didn't "advise" Wilie Toney of a goddamn thing other than that he might have a good lawsuit, which anyone could say that. 3 gats to the face and a visual body cavity search.... hello.

Well that's not true: I did "advise" Mr. Toney that a lawyer would have to handle his case, and that I couldn't.

Rico: That was last July 4th. Shortly thereafter, we all had a certain glow; e'rbody at the club was tipsy... =^.)