15 June 2006

KingCast Presents: Not Guilty by NAACP v. Button, 371 U.S. 415 (1963).

NAACP v. Button Footnote 9 shows in italics what the U.S. Supreme Court overturned: ". . . appellants and those associated with them may not be prohibited from acquainting persons with what they believe to be their legal rights and advising them to assert their rights by commencing or further prosecuting a suit against the Commonwealth of Virginia, any department, agency or political subdivision thereof, or any person acting as an officer or employee of such, but in so advising persons to commence or further prosecute such suits the appellants, or those associated with them, shall not solicit legal business for their attorneys or any particular attorneys..."

Read Attorney Vickery's 17 Dec. 2004 notes from my discussion with her. The State cannot with a straight face claim it is concerned about my alleged criminality, dammit.

The whole case is bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Have you been let go from that TGIF like place yet? I hope not, it seemed like you were settling in nicely there.

Christopher King said...

I like the operative term, "yet."

Yes. Can't keep my head in my work, and too many missed shifts.

I am left with a good work recommendation.

Now I see why so many people are afraid to fight the system -- even with notes like Attorney Vickery's to back them up.

Of course, the entire irony of my position is that I had left world of adversarial Civil Rights when I set out in telecommunications back in 2000, only to wind up at American Tower, only to ask the NAACP for help, at which point Boston NAACP President Alkins, to whom I sent a copy of the Demand Letter the day after I wrote it:


....suggested I volunteer at Nashua, and Timmons (IMHO a pathological liar on a backpeddle) thought I should chair Legal Redress:


After I told her at work that I was suspended:



Anonymous said...

From history, one knew it was a matter of time before that working relationship was straned. Good that you keep good relations with prior employers - the hospitatlity business is a small fraternity. Seemed like a cool little place.

Christopher King said...

All I've got is my integrity, 'cos I sure as hell ain't got any money left!

And that integrity is of course reflected in Attorney Vickery's notes.

This too, shall pass.


Peter North said...

That is a good name for your johnson, "Integrity". Tell the ladies, "You lack Integrity". I call mine, "Crimson Darth Vader"

Christopher King said...

Awesome. I'll use that.

And you know, nothing whacks you across the noggin' more than a good dose of integrity =^.)

Hell, I'm spittin' mad integrity everywhere I go!


Christopher King said...

This Peter North person is really a guy named "Quiet Man" on Topix.

He floats around like a giant cockroach, issuing sexual commentary about Maria Proulx's hair, BBWs, etc. etc. typical Internet Troll.