18 June 2006

KingCast presents a niggardly Keene Sentinel correction in Jaffrey/Chief Dunn - NAACP case.

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Duped 8:52a.
Oh, it's niggardly, all right. I understand how Melanie missed things, but they could have said so much more after my attorney and I spoke with them..... it's amazing. Here's the original story and my request for correction, here's what Badcopnews had to say, and here's what the story should have noted.

Even the retraction is inaccurate because:
1. Albrecht did not bring forward two misdemeanor theft charges and a criminal contempt charge in chambers or anywhere else, for that matter: He brought forward misdemeanor theft charges at 8:45 a.m. in the hallway which I accepted as you can hear on the contemporaeous audioblawg, above.
2. Then later, in open court -- he brought the contempt charge; passed it over to my lawyer who looked as shocked as I did. Remember the kid in Animal House (new DVD is out) where the pinup girl lands in his lap and there's that initial moment of WTF? before you realize you need to start fuckin'?

Well right about now I'm knee-deep in it; got my grimace on and you bet I'm gonna' break it off right.

So I get another correction, right? As a former reporter and former licensed attorney who allegedly doesn't know shit from shine-ola, I'm getting a kick outta' this. Maybe I'll go be a court reporter somewhere. And I won't miss a trick; put all that highfalutin' idgi'kation to use.

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