19 June 2006

KingCast presents: Let's examine the elements of theft:

NH RSA 637:5 reads: "A person is guilty of theft as he obtains or exercises control over the property of another by extortion and with a purpose to deprive him thereof...."

Okay, that's a predicate, so let's commence our inquiry, shall we?
Whose property? Willie Toney's property? The State's property? What's the property involved? Identify the corpus. This is fun.

More fun yet:

Read paragraph 2 of the Amendment referencing 637(III).

Then look at 637 here: No such thing exists; perhaps he means 637:11(III). Say whatcha' mean and mean whatcha' say, Motherfucker, damn. It's my fucking life you're fucking with.

Furthermore, 625:9(VII) allows amendments of Class A misdemeanors to Class B misdemeanors but does not appear to grant such authority to change any felony to a Misdemeanor. To wit:
VII. The state may change any offense designated or defined as a class A misdemeanor as defined by paragraph IV to a class B misdemeanor, so long as no element of the offense involves an act of violence or threat of violence.

So WTF???

Then, by adding the Common Law Contempt charge an hour later, he clearly is circumventing the State v. Erickson 129 NH 515 (1987) doctrine cited in State v. Summers, Belknap 95-877 (1997) prohibiting substantive changes to a Grand Jury Indictment -- one which, again, sat pending before the same damn prosecutor for a whole damn year. Got it? It's fairly simple, really. And they know it. And that's why they hate me and my legal mind. I'm no dummy, nor am I a criminal.

I want my Jury back. This last minute posturing and baiting/switching is totally unethical even if he never gets called on it (he won't), I'll call him on it right here, right now. To have a case a fucking year, and our settlement offer was ignored out-of-hand then he comes with this bullshit. Give me my goddamn jury back.

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