06 June 2006

Kingcast presents: The Glimmer Twins glorify rape.

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Glimmer Twins
As noted today, we know the larval of the pair (Chief Dunn, left) likes to lie about the Good Faith basis I had to write the Demand Letter.

Now we see the New Hampshire Glimmer Twins (Dunn and his lawyer Charlie Bauer, pictured at right) glorify man-on-man/rape and refuse to answer questions about the presence of a confidential reliable informant in the Willie Toney arrest, and then Bauer even erroneously says that I did not receive a First Amendment victory when NAACP "leader" Gloria Timmons tried to shut down this blog: "... [I]t's factually and legally wrong," he says @p. 266. But read the last page of the Final Decree from Judge McLeod as part of this blawg entry. And he accuses me of misleading comments? Negro please.

Bauer also failed to provide exculpatory emails to Chief Dunn showing how I reached out to create a network of NAACP attorneys that included Chief Dunn's suspension attorney Andru Volinsky. Bauer is beyond larval -- he's a matured maggot, having sprouted wings to ascend to the lofty post of Partner in a blue-blood New Hampshire law firm, and is actually involved in ethics. Drug Czar Novartis informs that "Rat-tailed maggot larvae are found in liquid habitats heavily polluted with manure."
What a coincidence. KingCast.net: 21st Century Civil Rights.

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