19 June 2006

KingCast presents: Daily Kos Impasse.

So I try to reason with this jackass, right? Check out the comments war between a Daily Kos member and me. This individual has always ridden me on the board because I dare to criticize the NAACP, and even now this individual cannot bring herself to admit that the NAACP lied about material aspects of this case -- most notably the alleged presence of a signed, notarized affidavit from NAACP Veterans' Chair Cleaven Ferguson against me, and most notably the fact that the NAACP does indeed sue and threaten to sue, even over individual cases.

She requests to know where other peoples' words are to support me, but evidently cannot fucking read straight: Here again is a post from just earlier today, "NAACP sues again," with links to a quote from Philly NAACP President Jerry Mondesier:
"Well, if you're familiar with how these things generally work, the criminal matter will proceed on one track, while we begin to gather evidence as to his civil rights being denied during the beating. The physical injuries that were sustained that once he is out of the hospital we will get a medical report, we will get a description from his doctors, and we will bring a claim against unjust, excessive police abuse and force in this case."

What's so hard to understand about that? Did he stammer?

Or perhaps she can go to this post "Gloria Timmons may be a pathological liar," and tell me how it is that I was allegedly sworn in over Timmons "objection," or how it is that NAACP didn't know I was writing letters to the court 4 days prior to the Willie Toney Demand Letter to Jaffrey, because NAACP Executive Committee member Claire Holston "checks the email daily," according to Timmons Sworn testimony.

And when she checked the email she got busy asking me via her own email, for "personal favors" on her job search, using the Nashua and Hudson Chamber of Commerce listing I had culled using for the benefit of the Organization using the resources from my board members of HELP Organization, the nonprofit I had started with white Republican (that's called outreach) NH Educator Chris Hookway. Hookway, a/k/a "C1", appears from time to time in the comments section, wondering just WTF is going on with the liars who have taken his business partner away. If she wants facts and documents, well here they are: I did what a strong NAACP advocate is supposed to do, dammit. Thurgood Marshall would no doubt agree, read the syllabus of the court (that she failed to address).

If she wants more information from a professional writer who has been following my story in detail for the past 16 months, she can contact James Obrien, or she can just shut her fucking yapper, eh? Bottom line: These are relatively unsophisticated, backwoods negroes who didn't want any conflict up in NH and they thought they could use the machinery of the State to "Run me over," as I noted in an uncontroverted affidavit. They did so in the Civil Suit, but are having a much more difficult time doing so in the criminal venue.

Or perhaps she should read "What people are saying" and "Choosey lawyers" entries.

And unlike the folks over at Daily Kos, when something pertaining to them appears here, I never erase it, because that would be phoney.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that "The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice."

Dr. King was right, it does bend toward justice.

But it doesn't bend on its own. It bends because for over two hundred years, like minded people have had the courage to put their hands on that arc and move it in the direction of opportunity, equality, and justice.

It bends because people are willing to run for office and stand up for the America they believe in.

Run for office Mr. King, and make a difference.

Christopher King said...

Believe me, I will.

My father was a precinct committeeman in Cleveland Heights when we were one of the only black families there.

The irony is that people like the NAACP do not want to see that because I am not beholden to some of the people with whom they sleep, like Chief Dunn or BAE, for example, who sponsors the Nashua Chapter:


They want me to be as stained as possible to keep me from getting any power, but I know I can be a force for positive change in the community so I am resisting that hit with every synapse, capillary, bone and breath in my body.


Christopher King said...

This is almost funny but sad:

Despite the ass load of rationally-presented, documented lies and inappropriate behaviours on the part of the NAACP I set forth in this post alone, I just got a reply stating that I am delusional.

Again I say, if I am so delusional, let's call that Jury back in and get to work, dammit.

No more tricks from the prosecutor and NAACP who are afraid to have the Jury hear the facts.

Oh, wait. I must be delusional to think that the prosecutor brought out another charge an hour later.... yeah, that's the ticket:


Now if we can just explain Chief Dunn's other propensities to initiate bullshit proceedings that get dismissed....